30 November 2010

State and trends of biodiversity science in Canada

Lovejoy T: The Future of Biodiversity

Developing biodiversity assessments for business

Finisdore J: Ecosystem Services for Corporate Decision Making

Houdet J: Business, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

1 December 2010

Biodiversity and ecosystem services

Bennett E: Analyzing ecosystem service interactions in agricultural landscapes

Revéret J-P: Évaluation économique des biens et services ecologiques

Behavioral ecology

Bergeron P: Anticipatory and response behaviors to a single unpredictable pulsed resource drive population dynamic in eastern chipmunks

Bonnell T: Linking landscapes to disease: red colobus foraging behavior and its implications for the spread of disease in logged forests

Gray S: Fish in muddy waters: The effects of turbidity on fish phenotype and persistence

Reyna-Hurtado R: Searching in Heterogeneous and Limiting Environments: Forgaing Strategies in the White-Lipped Peccary (Tayassu pecari)

Genetics and phylogeny

Babineau M: Phylogeny and Biogeography of endangered Malagasy Legumes: The genus Delonix

Gagnon E: Testing highly variable chloroplast and nuclear markers in Caesalpinia s.l.

Moses M: Genetic Diveristy of hotpepper (Capsicum chinense) in Neotropics

Host and parasite relationship

Dargent  F: Mixed-species group formation as potential mechanism of parasite resistance for guppies

Frankel V: Invasive snails bring parasites to the Panama Canal: New tests for ecology and evolution

Jensen  H: Changes in the resistance of a traditional crop variety conserved on –farm to a fungal foliar pathogen

Lauron-Moreau A : Spatio-temporal dynamics of two cryptic powdery mildew species infecting European oaks

Invasive species

Kipp R: Impacts of an invasive fish on benthic communities in the upper St. Lawrence River

Nyboer E: Ecological divergence in the commercially fished Nile perch (Lates niloticus) in Lake Nabugabo, Uganda

Simard A: A new record of an aquatic invasive species at the northern limit of its range: Dynamics of an Asian Clam population
in association with power plant

Trumpickas J: Impacts of introduced predatory fishes in Ontario lakes:  Assessing the roles of evolutionary naiveté and predator richness

Plant diversity and ecosystem function

D’Astous A : Approche par groups fonctionnels pour l’évaluation du succès de restauration d’une tourbière – suivi de 10 ans

Girard M : La diversité florale et l’abeille domestique

Response to changing environment

Albert C.H: Échantillonner en écologie et en évolution faire le pas entre théorie et pratique

Friesen C: To breed or not to breed: Does low oxygen affect sex hormones in an African cichlid?

McNeil G: Breathing and breeding: The role of an environmental stressor (low oxygen) is driving divergence in a sexually selected trait

Restoration and conservation

Byun C: Restoration of native plant cover to suppress early invasion of common reed

Garver G: A preliminary survey and overview of ecological restoration in Québec

O’Farrill G: Resources beyond borders: fragmented resource connectivity reveals the effectiveness of a protected area

Urban biodiversity

Asch P: Efforts communautaires pour protéger et accroître la biodiversité autour de Montréal

El-­Amine M : Estimation de la biodiversite invertebree des etangs urbains de l’île de Montreal

Latour R: Le champs des possibles: The field of possibilities – A grassroots urban biodiversity initiative


Briceno T : The integration of ecological principles in environmental valuations

Dupras J: Combiner l’évaluation contingente et le choix d’options répétées dans un contexte agricole. L’étude du Ruisseau Vacher dans la région de Lanaudière

Hagan J : How do we talk about forest biodiversity? Monetary value, intrinsic value and hybrid discourses

Roy R: Consumer Valuation of Food Attributes: A Comparison of Willingness to Pay Estimates from Choice Modelling and Contingency Valuation Methods

Biodiversity in Québec: 400 years of human and natural history

Simard A: La biodiversité au Québec: 400 ans d’histoire humaine et naturelle

Opportunities for developing collaboration amongst research centres to foster a Québec Biodiversity Observation Network

Buddle C: The Northern Biodiversity Program

Hyde D: NatureServe Canada – Towards a Quebec Biodiversity Observation Network

Peres-Neto P: Opportunities for collaboration amongst research centres to foster a Québec Biodiversity Observation Network

2 December 2010

Climate change and biodiversity science in northern Québec

Berteaux D: Effets des changements climatiques sur la biodiversité du Québec

Cuerrier A: Inuit perception of climate change in the Canadian Arctic

Community dynamics

Jacobson B: Quantifying and disentangling dispersal within metacommunities: How close have we come? How far is there to go?

Low-Décarie E: The effect of elevated CO2 on growth and competition in experimental phytoplankton communities

Pedruski M: Dynamics in competitive metacommunities: Fitness inequality and niche differentiation

Velghe K: Le phosphore en tant que régulateur de la diversité des diatomées et des cladocères

Simulation and modelling

Haller B: Speciation in Complex Habitats

Rayfield B: L’intégration des interactions spatiales au design de réserves naturelles

Rodrigue N: Improving the computational speed of phylogenetic model ranking with data-augmentation-based thermodynamic integration

Sapijanskas: Cascading extinctions, functional complementarity, and selection in two-­‐trophic-­‐level model communities: A trait-­‐based mechanistic approach

Perspectives on progress made in 2010, the international year of Biodiversity

Loreau M: The challenge of linking biodiversity science and policy