Jérôme Cimon-Morin

Université Laval
Ph.D. candidate

Supervisor: Monique Poulin
Marcel Darveau
Start: 2011-06-01
End: 2014-06-01


Development of a wetland conservation network approach based on ecosystem services


Systematic conservation planning , ecosystem services, biodiversity, conservation biology, wetlands


1- Short term effects of alternative silvicultural treatments on stand attributes in irregular balsam fir-black spruce stands
Cimon-Morin, Jérôme, Jean-Claude Ruel, Marcel Darveau
2010 Forest Ecology and Management

2- Fostering synergies between ecosystem services and biodiversity in conservation planning: A review
Cimon-Morin, Jérôme, Marcel Darveau, Monique Poulin
2013 Biological Conservation