Paul Savary

Concordia University
Postdoctoral fellow candidate

Supervisor: Pedro Peres-Neto
Jean-Philippe Lessard
Start: 2022-08-03
End: 2024-08-01
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Analyzing metacommunity diversity patterns using graph-theoretic methods
As a post-doctoral fellow working with Jean-Philippe Lessard and Pedro Peres-Neto, my general research objective is to understand the environmental, ecological and spatial processes driving biodiversity patterns. More specifically, my research aims at assessing their respective influence on meta-community structure using graph-theoretical methods.


metacommunity, spatial networks, diversity patterns, dispersal, graph theory


1- Combining landscape and genetic graphs to address key issues in landscape genetics
Savary, Paul, Jean-Christophe Foltête, Hervé Moal, Stéphane Garnier
2022 Landscape Ecology

2- Assessing the influence of the amount of reachable habitat on genetic structure using landscape and genetic graphs
Savary, Paul, Jean-Christophe Foltête, Maarten J. van Strien, Hervé Moal, Gilles Vuidel, Stéphane Garnier
2021 Heredity

3- Cost distances and least cost paths respond differently to cost scenario variations: a sensitivity analysis of ecological connectivity modeling
Savary, Paul, Jean Christophe Foltête, Stéphane Garnier
2021 International Journal of Geographical Information Science

4- Graphab: An application for modeling and managing ecological habitat networks
Foltête, Jean-Christophe, Gilles Vuidel, Paul Savary, Céline Clauzel, Yohan Sahraoui, Xavier Girardet, Marc Bourgeois
2021 Software Impacts

5- Analysing landscape effects on dispersal networks and gene flow with genetic graphs
Savary, Paul, Jean‐Christophe Foltête, Hervé Moal, Gilles Vuidel, Stéphane Garnier
2021 Molecular Ecology Resources

6- graph4lg: A package for constructing and analysing graphs for landscape genetics in R
Savary, Paul, Jean‐Christophe Foltête, Hervé Moal, Gilles Vuidel, Stéphane Garnier,
2020 Methods in Ecology and Evolution

7- Correction to: Coupling landscape graph modeling and biological data: a review
Foltête, Jean-Christophe, Paul Savary, Céline Clauzel, Marc Bourgeois, Xavier Girardet, Yohan Sahraoui, Gilles Vuidel, Stéphane Garnier
2020 Landscape Ecology