Elène Haave-Audet

Université du Québec à Montréal
Ph.D. candidate

Supervisor: Denis Réale
Patrick Bergeron
Start: 2022-01-01
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Ecologie comportementale, Science animale, Comportement individuelle, Personalité animale, Train de vie


1- Context is key: A comment on Herczeg et al. 2019
Haave‐Audet, Elène, Lauren M. Guillette, Kimberley J. Mathot
2019 Journal of Evolutionary Biology

2- Sound level measurements from audio recordings provide objective distance estimates for distance sampling wildlife populations
Yip, Daniel A., Elly C. Knight, Elène Haave‐Audet, Scott J. Wilson, Connor Charchuk, Chris D. Scott, Péter Sólymos, Erin M. Bayne,
2019 Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation

3- Unexpected Diversity in Regenerating Sites Stresses the Importance of Baselines: A Case Study With Bats (Order Chiroptera) on the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica
Haave-Audet, Elène, Doris Audet, Michelle Monge-Velazquez, Eleanor Flatt, Andrew Whitworth
2021 Tropical Conservation Science

4- Differences in resource acquisition, not allocation, mediate the relationship between behaviour and fitness: a systematic review and meta‐analysis
Haave‐Audet, Elène, Anne A. Besson, Shinichi Nakagawa, Kimberley J. Mathot
2021 Biological Reviews

5- No effect of passive integrated transponder tagging method on survival or body condition in a northern population of Black‐capped Chickadees ( Poecile atricapillus )
Farr, Jonathan J., Elène Haave‐Audet, Peter R. Thompson, Kimberley J. Mathot
2021 Ecology and Evolution