Harriet Middleton

Ph.D. candidate

Supervisor: Etienne Yergeau
Abdelhak EL AMRANI & Cécile MONARD, Université Rennes 1
Start: 2019-10-01


Implication of miRNAs in plant-microbiota communication in the rhizosphere
My project aims at understanding the impact of plant miRNAs on the biodiversity of microbial communities and microbial gene expression in the rhizosphere.


microbial ecology, microRNA, plant-microbe interactions, plant holobiont


1- Rhizospheric Plant–Microbe Interactions: miRNAs as a Key Mediator
Middleton, Harriet, Étienne Yergeau, Cécile Monard, Jean-Philippe Combier, Abdelhak El Amrani
2021 Trends in Plant Science