Megan Raposo

McGill University
B.Sc. candidate

Supervisor: Jessica P. Gillung
Start: 2021-05-01
End: 2022-04-15


The Evolution of Mimicry in Katydids (Tettigoniidae)
The objective of this project is to explore the evolution of the different types of mimicry in katydids and how these different mimicry types, such as morphological, acoustic, aggressive, and behavioural, have influenced katydid diversification. By using a published phylogeny of the family Tettigoniidae, I will investigate how often certain forms of mimicry have evolved in each lineage and will determine if the type of mimicry they have evolved is correlated to traits such as habitat and life strategy (predacious/herbivorous/omnivorous).


Katydid, Tettigoniidae, Mimicry, evolution, insect