Fonya Irvine

Concordia University
Ph.D. candidate

Supervisor: Eric Pedersen
Start: 2021-01-13


Threshold responses of spatially structured marine communities.
To identify the spatial and temporal structure of marine species' functional signals to external pressures (e.g., human activities such as fishing and environmental factors such as climate change) to improve early detection of regime shifts.


marine communities, regime shifts, spatial-temporal models, species distribution models, species functional traits, phylogenetic relationships


1- Midge-inferred temperature reconstructions and vegetation change over the last ~15,000 years from Trout Lake, northern Yukon Territory, eastern Beringia
Irvine, Fonya, Les C. Cwynar, Jesse C. Vermaire, Andrew B. H. Rees
2012 Journal of Paleolimnology