Frédéric McCune

Université Laval
Membre employé(e) / Employed member candidate

Supervisor: Valérie Fournier
Start: 2019-09-09
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1- Response of wild bee communities to beekeeping, urbanization, and flower availability
McCune, Frédéric, Étienne Normandin, Marc J. Mazerolle, Valérie Fournier
2019 Urban Ecosystems

2- Onion thrips, Thrips tabaci (Thysanoptera: Thripidae), reduces yields in indoor-grown cannabis
McCune, Frédéric, Chad Morphy, James Eaves, Valérie Fournier
2021 Phytoprotection

3- Supplying honey bees with waterers: a precautionary measure to reduce exposure to pesticides
McCune, Frédéric, Olivier Samson-Robert, Sabrina Rondeau, Madeleine Chagnon, Valérie Fournier
2021 Environmental Science and Pollution Research

4- Insecticidal effect of Bacillus pumilus PTB180 and Bacillus subtilis PTB185 used alone and in combination against the foxglove aphid and the melon aphid (Hemiptera: Aphididae)
Kahia, Mouna, Thi Thuy An Nguyen, Frédéric McCune, Rémi Naasz, Hani Antoun, Valérie Fournier
2021 The Canadian Entomologist

5- Response of bee and hoverfly populations to a land-use gradient in a Quebec floodplain
Slupik, Olivier, Frédéric McCune, Chris Watson, Raphaël Proulx, Valérie Fournier
2022 Journal of Insect Conservation

6- Syrphid fly response to urban heat islands varies with functional traits
McCune, Frédéric, Étienne Normandin, Amélie Gervais, Marc J. Mazerolle, Valérie Fournier
2023 Journal of Insect Conservation