Brian Gallagher

Concordia University
Ph.D. candidate

Supervisor: Dylan Fraser
Start: 2019-09-01
End: 2023-08-31


Effects of intraspecific diversity and eco-evolutionary dynamics on climate change adaptation across salmonid populations
In my dissertation, I aim to explore how fine-scale intraspecific variation in phenotypes, demographics and their combined ecological effects on community and ecosystem dynamics will mediate population responses to future climate change in salmonid fishes, using Cape Race brook trout (CRBT hereafter) as a model system. Chapter 1 will use a decade of monitoring data to assess how diversity in biological and habitat characteristics mediate demographic responses to climate forcing across many CRBT populations. In Chapter 2, I will quantify the ecological effects of CRBT on community dynamics and ecosystem processes by manipulating fish presence, density and source population in small natural ponds, and assess how these impacts could be mediated by climate change. Chapter 3 will integrate results from Chapters 1 and 2 with previous studies to build detailed eco-evolutionary models forecasting responses to future climate change across CRBT populations. Finally, in Chapter 4 I will conduct a quantitative meta-analysis that will identify biotic, abiotic and study-level factors that explain variation in population responses to climate forcing within and among all salmonid species.


population dynamics, Demographics, Global change biology


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2- Intensified environmental and density-dependent regulation of white perch recruitment after an ecosystem shift in the Hudson River Estuary
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3- Factors Influencing Daily Growth in Young-of-the-Year Winter Flounder along an Urban Gradient Revealed Using Hierarchical Linear Models
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2015 Marine and Coastal Fisheries