Anastasiya Shchukina

Concordia University
B.Sc. candidate

Supervisor: Jochen Jaeger
Start: 2020-09-08
End: 2021-04-30


An assessment of long-term viability of current and future renewable biomass fuel production and consumption in Kenya
Kenya has garnered significant international attention as it emerges as a regional leader in East Africa due to its relative political stability, innovative push to decentralize its social programs, and active approach to tackling the impending climate crisis by banning plastic and focusing on renewable energies. As it currently stands, 70% of Kenya’s population depends on wood fuels (such as charcoal or firewood) for their daily energy consumption. The main question I hope to address is whether the effort and investment being placed into renewable biomass fuels as an alternative energy source to charcoal and fuelwood for Kenya’s rural population might be better directed towards a pro-active dissemination of natural gas as a long-term and environmentally friendly primary fuel for the country.


Biomass, cooking, cooking technology, clean cooking, firewood, LPG, natural gas, Kenya