Meghana Paranjape

Université de Sherbrooke
Ph.D. candidate

Supervisor: Jérôme Théau
Richard Fournier, Université de Sherbrooke
Start: 2019-08-26


Design and cartography of an indicator for the characterization of riparian ecosystems in Quebec
Riparian ecosystems are important ecotones for both terrestrial and aquatic landscapes. They produce a number of ecosystem services such as riverbank stabilization, water filtration, habitat creation, and are a large source of nutrients to aquatic ecosystems. In Quebec, de a riparian strip quality indicator (IQBR) was created to help characterize and assess the state of riparian strips. However, this indicator is incomplete as it does not take into consideration key characteristics and ecosystem functions of the riparian strips like the hydrogeomorphological effects, or the effects of fragmentation on the landscape. The general objective of this study is to take advantage of remote sensing data de create a new indicator to characterize riparian ecosystems in a way to improve the existing indicator.


bandes riveraines, télédétection, Système d'information géographique