Yeon Seon Jeon

McGill University
Ph.D. candidate

Supervisor: Jessica Head
Doug Crump, Environment and Climate Change Canada
Start: 2018-09-03
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ecotoxicology, evolutionary genetics


1- Bidirectional mitochondrial introgression between Korean cobitid fish mediated by hybridogenetic hybrids
Kwan, Ye‐Seul, Myeong‐Hun Ko, Yeon‐Seon Jeon, Hyo‐Jin Kim, Yong‐Jin Won
2018 Ecology and Evolution

2- Early life history of the eastern Korean tetraploid spined loach,iksookimia yongdokensis(Pisces: Cobitidae)
KO, Myeong-Hun, Yeon Seon Jeon, Yong-Jin Won
2017 Folia Zoologica

3- Complete mitochondrial genome of the headwater livebearer, Poeciliopsis monacha: the mother of clones
Jeon, Yeon Seon, Shannon B. Johnson, Yong-Jin Won, Robert C. Vrijenhoek
2016 Mitochondrial DNA Part B

4- Path Prediction and Suggestion of Efficient Collection Points for Marine Plastic Debris Based on Betweenness Centrality Analysis
Jeon, Yeon Seon, Min Ji Hong, Moo Kyu Park, Yong-Sang Choi
2015 Journal of Korean Society of Environmental Engineers

5- The Genetic Approach on Analyzing the Habitat Characteristics of Fairy Pitta Pitta Nympha Inhabiting Jeju Island, the Korean Peninsula and Taiwan
Kim, Eun-Mi, Yeon-Seon Jeon, Se-Jae Kim, Chang-Wan Kang, Hyun-Kyu Won, Gil-Sang Jeong
2014 Journal of the Korea Society of Environmental Restoration Technology

6- The Study on the Sexual Difference in the Cause and the Time of Casualty and in the Size of the Fairy Pitta (Pitta nympha) through DNA Analysis in Republic of Korea
Kim, Eun-Mi, Yeon-Seon Jeon, Gil-Sang Jeong, Se-Jae Kim, Chang-Wan Kang, Mi-Rea Oh, Pu-Reum Noh, Hyun-Kyu Won
2014 Journal of Environmental Science International