Jessica Dozois

INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier
M.Sc. candidate

Supervisor: Etienne Yergeau
Start: 2019-09-02
End: 2021-08-30


Plant communication: importance of miRNAs regarding nitrogen acquisition
The goal of this project is to enable understanding of plant miRNAs influence regarding soil microbiome. Our preliminary results suggest that plant miRNAs may represent a competitive tool against microorganisms for nitrogen resources present in the soil. Therefore, miRNAs produced by two plant models (Arabidopsis thaliana and Brachypodium distachyon) will be analyzed under 3 fertilizing conditions. Putative bacterial targets will be explored. Finally, certain bacterial strains will be selected and confronted to plant miRNAs allowing us to authenticate the targets.


écologie microbienne / microbial ecology, ARN non-codant/ Non-coding RNA, communication des plantes / plant communication, fertilisation/ fertilization, azote / nitrogen, miARN / miRNA, sol / soil