Rana Bali

Université de Montréal
M.Sc. candidate

Supervisor: Mohamed Hijri
Pierre-Luc Chagnon
Start: 2018-06-01
End: 2020-05-01


The effect of compost tea use on microbial diversity of recently disturbed soils and field crop yields
This research project includes a realistic experiment on the terrestrial (a disturbed field of soybeans) with the aim of having the results that confirm the effectiveness of compost tea on the microbial composition of the soil, and consequently on the fertility of soils, plant growth and yields. The objectives of this study are to determine (i) the effects of the use of compost tea on the composition, distribution and quantity of microbial populations of rhizospheric soil. (ii) effects on soil fertility and its physical and chemical properties. (iii) effects on plant growth and mychorizal colonization on their roots; (iv) effects on soybean yield and seed quality.