Jean-Olivier Goyette

Université Laval
Postdoctoral fellow candidate

Supervisor: Monique Poulin
Start: 2018-07-01


Planning for conservation and restoration of ecological services
The research project aims to generate, through various case studies in the St. Lawrence watershed, knowledge that can help municipalities better plan the conservation, restoration and creation of wetlands for their delivery of ecological services. From a fundamental point of view, we aim to refine our systematic planning approaches to optimize the delivery of ecological services at the regional scale as well as to meet the demand for these services in the context of climate change and territory development. The project involves collaboration with a team of hydrologists, ecologists, economists and lawyers.


1- Low buffering capacity and slow recovery of anthropogenic phosphorus pollution in watersheds
Goyette, J. -O., E. M. Bennett, R. Maranger
2018 Nature Geoscience

2- Quantifying the effects of hydrological changes on long-term water quality trends in temperate reservoirs: insights from a multi-scale, paleolimnological study
Elchyshyn, Leanne, Jean-Olivier Goyette, Émilie Saulnier-Talbot, Roxane Maranger, Christian Nozais, Christopher T. Solomon, Irene Gregory-Eaves
2018 Journal of Paleolimnology

3- Watershed Buffering of Legacy Phosphorus Pressure at a Regional Scale: A Comparison Across Space and Time
Kusmer, A. S., J.-O. Goyette, G. K. MacDonald, E. M. Bennett, R. Maranger, P. J. A. Withers
2018 Ecosystems

4- Changes in anthropogenic nitrogen and phosphorus inputs to the St. Lawrence sub-basin over 110 years and impacts on riverine export
Goyette, Jean-Olivier, Elena M. Bennett, Robert W. Howarth, Roxane Maranger
2016 Global Biogeochemical Cycles

5- Biological and chemical contaminants as drivers of change in the Great Lakes–St. Lawrence river basin
Cornwell, Emily R., Jean-Olivier Goyette, Ryan J. Sorichetti, David J. Allan, Donna R. Kashian, Paul K. Sibley, William D. Taylor, Charles G. Trick
2015 Journal of Great Lakes Research