Pierce McNie

Université du Québec à Montréal
Ph.D. candidate

Supervisor: Élise Filotas
Daniel Kneeshaw, UQAM
Start: 2017-09-05


Metacommunity Dynamics of the Spruce Budworm in Novel Habitats
Changing climates and human use of forests mean that the metacommunity interactions of the spruce budworm, its parasitoids, hyperparasitoids, and host trees are likely to change. This project will model how the changes to the environment may manifest themselves within the metacommunity interactions between these species through a new landscape scale modelling approach.


metacommunity, modelling, Spruce budworm, Epidemic, climate change, Fragmentation


1- Decline in New Zealand's freshwater fish fauna: effect of land use
Joy, Michael K., Kyleisha J. Foote, Pierce McNie, Marina Piria
2018 Marine and Freshwater Research

2- The effect of agriculture on cave-stream invertebrate communities
McNie, Pierce M., Russell G. Death
2017 Marine and Freshwater Research