Andréanne Lessard

Bishop’s University
Membre employé(e) / Employed member candidate

Supervisor: Jade Savage
Start: 2018-09-10
End: 2020-06-01


Optimizing Delia pest monitoring and management in vegetable brassicas
Delia flies are responsible for important damage in vegetable brassicas culture in the Northern Hemisphere. To maximize their production, Canadian growers would benefit from better monitoring and decision making protocols. The goal of our project is to improve management practices for Delia pests of vegetable brassicas in Canada. Our projects is divided into five parts: 1) Document and compare the relative contribution of different Delia species and genetic lines to crop damage in 6 Canadian provinces (BC, ON, QC, NS, PEI, NB); 2) Develop threshold-based models for conventional management of Delia pests; 3) Document the development, host preferences and reproductive compatibility of two genetic lines of D. platura; 4) Investigate selected soil parameters as oviposition stimulants in two genetic lines of Delia platura; and 5) Validate and optimize the sterile insect release method for D. radicum.


Insectes , Mouche Delia, agriculture, contrôle de ravageurs


1- Individual and environmental determinants of reproductive success in male tree swallow (Tachycineta bicolor)
Lessard, Andréanne, Audrey Bourret, Marc Bélisle, Fanie Pelletier, Dany Garant
2014 Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology