Julie Morin-Rivat

Université du Québec à Rimouski
Postdoctoral fellow candidate

Supervisor: Guillaume de Lafontaine
Start: 2018-05-01
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Reconstitution of the recent and multi-millennial history of forest fires in the Lower Saint-Lawrence region.
My research project deals with the history of fires, whether natural or anthropogenic, in the Lower Saint-Lawrence region. The approach is ecological (forest populations structure), paleoecological (quantification of the charcoals found in soils and species identification) and historical (analysis of the archives and ancient data).


charbon, charcoal, botanique, botany, impacts humains, human impacts, archéologie, archaeology, fires, feux, incendies, forest, forêt


1- New Evidence of Human Activities During the Holocene in the Lowland Forests of the Northern Congo Basin
Morin-Rivat, Julie, Adeline Fayolle, Jean-François Gillet, Nils Bourland, Sylvie Gourlet-Fleury, Richard Oslisly, Laurent Bremond, Ilham Bentaleb, Hans Beeckman, Jean-Louis Doucet
2016 Radiocarbon

2- Soil Charcoal to Assess the Impacts of Past Human Disturbances on Tropical Forests
Jason Vleminckx, Julie Morin-Rivat, Achille B. Biwolé, Kasso Daïnou, Jean-François Gillet, Jean-Louis Doucet, Thomas Drouet, Olivier J. Hardy
2014 PLoS ONE

3- New data on the recent history of the littoral forests of southern Cameroon: an insight into the role of historical human disturbances on the current forest composition
Biwolé, Achille
2015 Plant Ecology and Evolution

4- West Central African Peoples: Survey of Radiocarbon Dates over the Past 5000 Years
Oslisly, Richard, Ilham Bentaleb, Charly Favier, Michel Fontugne, Jean François Gillet, Julie Morin-Rivat
2016 Radiocarbon

5- Present-day central African forest is a legacy of the 19th century human history
Morin-Rivat, Julie, Adeline Fayolle, Charly Favier, Laurent Bremond, Sylvie Gourlet-Fleury, Nicolas Bayol, Philippe Lejeune, Hans Beeckman, Jean-Louis Doucet
2017 eLife

6- How Tightly Linked Are Pericopsis elata (Fabaceae) Patches to Anthropogenic Disturbances in Southeastern Cameroon?
Bourland, Nils, François Cerisier, Kasso Daïnou, Alexandre Smith, Wannes Hubau, Hans Beeckman, Yves Brostaux, Adeline Fayolle, Achille Biwolé, Fousséni Fétéké, Jean-François Gillet, Julie Morin-Rivat, Philippe Lejeune, Eric Tiba, Joris Van Acker, Jean-Louis Doucet
2015 Forests

7- High spatial resolution of late-Holocene human activities in the moist forests of central Africa using soil charcoal and charred botanical remains
Morin-Rivat, Julie, Achille Biwolé, Anaïs-Pasiphaé Gorel, Jason Vleminckx, Jean-François Gillet, Nils Bourland, Olivier J Hardy, Alexandre Livingstone Smith, Kasso Daïnou, Laurent Dedry, Hans Beeckman, Jean-Louis Doucet
2016 The Holocene

8- Des arbres et des hommes : nouvelles perspectives sur les relations entre l’Homme et son environnement dans les forêts humides d’Afrique centrale à l’Holocène récent
Morin-Rivat, Julie

9- The influence of spatially structured soil properties on tree community assemblages at a landscape scale in the tropical forests of southern Cameroon
Vleminckx, Jason, Jean-Louis Doucet, Julie Morin-Rivat, Achille B. Biwolé, David Bauman, Olivier J. Hardy, Adeline Fayolle, Jean-François Gillet, Kasso Daïnou, Anaïs Gorel, Thomas Drouet,
2017 Journal of Ecology