Sofia van Moorsel

McGill University
Postdoctoral fellow candidate

Supervisor: Andrew Gonzalez
Owen Petchey, University of Zurich
Start: 2018-03-01
End: 2020-08-31
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Community stability in aquatic mesocosms
I study how evolution modifies stability of aquatic (meta)communities using a Large Experimental Array of Ponds (LEAP) at McGills Gault Nature Reserve in Mont St.- Hilaire. In these ponds we will assemble a food web consisting of natural lake water communities and a predatory invasive shrimp species (H. anomala). We will track these communities over this summer and evaluate the impact of environmental stress (acidification and natural heat shocks) on community stability and community evolutionary rescue.


evolutionary rescue, community stability, Daphnia, LEAP, Aquatic Ecosystems, biodiversity, Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning


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2- Sofia J. van Moorsel
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