Audréanne Loiselle

Université de Montréal
M.Sc. candidate

Supervisor: Stéphanie Pellerin
Monique Poulin
Start: 2016-05-16
End: 2018-04-16


Impact of urbanization on wetland biodiversity
Urbanisation is a major source of pressures which threatens more and more biodiversity. Wetlands in urban areas are biodiversity stockpills, which anthropical perturbations are affecting more and more. My project aims to understant how do those preassures affect the flora and fauna of wetlands. By comparing the specific diversity of various types of wetlands, which are affected differently by anthropical perturbations of the landscape, it will be possible to understand which factors influence wetlands integrity.


Biodiversité, Milieux humides


1- A new method for non-parametric multivariate analysis of variance
Anderson, Marti J.
2001 Austral Ecology