Julie Augustin

Université de Montréal
Ph.D. candidate

Supervisor: Jacques Brodeur
Gaétan Bourgeois, Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada
Start: 2014-09-01
End: 2018-03-01


Dynamic modeling of a parasitoid wasp in infra and supra-optimal temperature conditions
In a climate change context, it is getting more and more important to understand the effect of extreme temperature on insect pests, their natural enemies, and their interactions. If the effects of temperature on insect development is well-known, the consequences on behavior are less. This project aim to test the effects of infra- and supra-optimal temperatures on several behaviors of a parasitoid wasp, Anaphes listronoti, and to create a dynamic model including the observed behavioral responses. Three behaviors were observed : walking, host exploiting and mating, along a temperature gradient of 10 to 35°C. This model include these behaviors, and adjust their efficacy according to ambiant temperature. It is thus possible, using simulations, to test the effect of different climatic scenarios on the life cycle of Anaphes, and the consequences on the simulated population. It is also possible to measure the relative significance of individual behaviors on the population, in order to test which behaviors will be more affected by climate change.


Lutte intégrée, entomology, Individual based models, temperature, Behavioral Ecology


1- Evaluating sub-lethal effects of orchard-applied pyrethroids using video-tracking software to quantify honey bee behaviors
Ingram, Erin M., Julie Augustin, Marion D. Ellis, Blair D. Siegfried
2015 Chemosphere