Jonathan Gaudreau

Université de Montréal
M.Sc. candidate

Supervisor: Liliana Perez
Start: 2013-01-02
End: 2016-05-01


Modelling the changes in the spatial distribution of black-backed woodpecker in the Boreal Forest of Quebec in relation to Climate Change: an Agent-Based approach
The research proposed aims to predict how climate change will likely influence Quebec boreal birds spatial distribution in a climatic horizon of 2040, 2070 and 2100, combining knowledge from animal ecology, GISciences and complex systems theory. The research also aims to identify areas likely to experience species turnover. Our hypothesis is that spatial distribution of boreal birds will be highly correlated to climate. Thus, forecasted climate change will induce a migration towards higher latitude and altitudes.


Automate Cellulaire, Modélisation multi-agents , Modélisation de systèmes complexes