Suncica Avlijas

McGill University
Ph.D. candidate

Supervisor: Anthony Ricciardi
Nicholas Mandrak
Start: 2014-09-01
End: 2023-01-01


Spatio-temporal variation in the colonization success and impacts of globally invasive freshwater fishes
My research investigates patterns of colonization and impact of invasive freshwater fishes. My model species include the Round Goby and the Tench (Tinca tinca). The latter is a Eurasian species that has been introduced globally. I am taking a large-scale approach to understanding context-dependent variation across local, regional and biogeographic scales, using a combination of field surveys, functional response experiments and morphometric (shape space) analysis. My field work is currently being conducted in various areas of North America and South Africa.


invasive species, tench


1- Eurasian Tench (Tinca tinca): the next Great Lakes invader
Avlijaš, Sunčica, Anthony Ricciardi, Nicholas E. Mandrak
2017 Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

2- Ecological impacts of an invasive predator explained and predicted by comparative functional responses
Dick, Jaimie T. A., Kevin Gallagher, Suncica Avlijas, Hazel C. Clarke, Susan E. Lewis, Sally Leung, Dan Minchin, Joe Caffrey, Mhairi E. Alexander, Cathy Maguire, Chris Harrod, Neil Reid, Neal R. Haddaway, Keith D. Farnsworth, Marcin Penk, Anthony Ricciardi
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3- Microplastic pollution in St. Lawrence River sediments
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4- Forecasting the ecological impacts of the Hemimysis anomala invasion in North America: Lessons from other freshwater mysid introductions
Ricciardi, Anthony, Suncica Avlijas, Jérôme Marty
2012 Journal of Great Lakes Research