Bertrand Fournier

Université du Québec à Rimouski
Postdoctoral fellow candidate

Supervisor: Dominique Gravel
Nicolas Mouquet, CNRS; Mathew Leibold Université Austin
Start: 2014-01-01
End: 2015-05-01
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Disentangling coexistence mechanisms in competitive metacommunities


1- Spatio-temporal heterogeneity of riparian soil morphology in a restored floodplain
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2- Toward the use of testate amoeba functional traits as indicator of floodplain restoration success
Fournier, Bertrand, Elena Malysheva, Yuri Mazei, Marco Moretti, Edward A.D. Mitchell
2012 European Journal of Soil Biology

3- Patterns of earthworm communities and species traits in relation to the perturbation gradient of a restored floodplain
Fournier, Bertrand, Emanuela Samaritani, Juna Shrestha, Edward A.D. Mitchell, Renée-Claire Le Bayon
2012 Applied Soil Ecology

4- Heterogeneity of soil carbon pools and fluxes in a channelized and a restored floodplain section (Thur River, Switzerland)
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5- Can soil testate amoebae be used for estimating the time since death? A field experiment in a deciduous forest
Szelecz, Ildikò, Bertrand Fournier, Christophe Seppey, Jens Amendt, Edward Mitchell
2014 Forensic Science International

6- Response of Sphagnum Peatland Testate Amoebae to a 1-Year Transplantation Experiment Along an Artificial Hydrological Gradient
Marcisz, Katarzyna, Bertrand Fournier, Daniel Gilbert, Mariusz Lamentowicz, Edward A. D. Mitchell
2014 Microbial Ecology

7- Relationships between testate amoeba communities and water quality in Lake Donghu, a large alkaline lake in Wuhan, China
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9- Adaptive colour polymorphism of Acrida ungarica H. (Orthoptera: Acrididae) in a spatially heterogeneous environment
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