Marie-Hélène Brice

Université de Montréal
Ph.D. candidate

Supervisor: Pierre Legendre
Marie-Josée Fortin, University of Toronto
Start: 2016-01-04
End: 2019-09-01
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Spatio-temporal responses of trees in the boreal-temperate ecotone to climate change
As temperatures increase, optimal climatic niches of many species are predicted to move northward by hundreds of kilometers beyond their current limits, and thus we might expect geographic range shifts. However, many non-climatic factors might vary along these climatic gradients, such as human-induced disturbances, interspecific competition and soil characteristics, with the potential to stop, slow down or accelerate potential range shifts. Much of my current research centers around understanding and disentangling the influence of these factors on forest communities from 3 different points of view: (1) ß diversity and community composition, (2) community transition dynamics and (3) demographic rates. To address these challenges, I use a long-term dataset (1970-2016) of ca. 6000 permanent forest plots from Quebec.


Conservation, Changements climatiques/Climate changes, beta-diversity, community ecology


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Brice, Marie-Hélène, Alexandre Bergeron, Stéphanie Pellerin
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5- Homogenization of freshwater lakes: recent compositional shifts in fish communities are explained by gamefish movement and not climate change
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