Isabelle Boulangeat

Université du Québec à Rimouski
Postdoctoral fellow candidate

Supervisor: Dominique Gravel
Start: 2013-06-30
End: 2015-12-15
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Towards landscape models integrating both vegetation and large herbivore population dynamics.
There is no doubt today that on-going environmental changes strongly influence biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. At the landscape scale, these changes need to be anticipated in order to adapt hunting plans, regulate forest management, and choose conservation strategies. Given the extent and time scale at which landscape dynamics occur, models are the preferred tools to understand and predict future biodiversity and ultimately advise managers. Landscape models usually focus on vegetation dynamics because of the structural role of vegetation, providing habitat and resources for other species. However, it is expected that complex biotic interactions between trophic levels might feed back on vegetation (e.g. ungulates through grazing) and that the whole network of ecological interactions is central to the maintenance of ecosystem properties and stability. The present project aims to develop new modelling tools to improve our understanding of the interactions between the vegetation and large herbivore populations in a global change context. Dynamic vegetation models and population models will be coupled at different spatial and temporal scales. The newly developed modelling tools will address the question of whether or not biotic interactions impact species distributions at a range of scales. In addition, we will focus on identifying the critical transitions between vegetation types and mechanisms that promote such transitions. The scale of interest will coincide with the scale at which conservation management takes place and the developments will be applied to practical conservation questions in Anticosti Island and elsewhere.


landscape model, plant-ungulates interactions, ecosystem stability, Range shift, critical transitions, population dynamics, vegetation dynamics


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