Thomas Lamy

Université de Montréal
Postdoctoral fellow candidate

Supervisor: Pierre Legendre
Start: 2013-01-01
End: 2015-05-31
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Study of genes and species distribution


metacommunity, population genetics, biodiversity, metapopulation, community assembly, Multivariate, eco-evolutionary dynamics, evolutionary ecology, evolutionary genetics


1- Deep reefs are climatic refugia for genetic diversity of marine forests
Assis, Jorge, Nelson Castilho Coelho, Thomas Lamy, Myriam Valero, Filipe Alberto, Ester Álvares Serrão
2015 Journal of Biogeography

2- Three decades of recurrent declines and recoveries in corals belie ongoing change in fish assemblages
Lamy, T., R. Galzin, M. Kulbicki, T. Lison de Loma, J. Claudet
2015 Coral Reefs

3- Testing metapopulation dynamics using genetic, demographic and ecological data
2012 Molecular Ecology

4- Does life in unstable environments favour facultative selfing? A case study in the freshwater snail Drepanotrema depressissimum (Basommatophora: Planorbidae)
Lamy, T., L. Lévy, J. P. Pointier, P. Jarne, P. David
2011 Evolutionary Ecology

5- Metapopulation Dynamics of Species with Cryptic Life Stages
Lamy, Thomas, Olivier Gimenez, Jean-Pierre Pointier, Philippe Jarne, Patrice David
2013 The American Naturalist

6- Variation in habitat connectivity generates positive correlations between species and genetic diversity in a metacommunity
Lamy, T., P. Jarne, F. Laroche, J.-P. Pointier, G. Huth, A. Segard, P. David
2013 Molecular Ecology

7- Inbreeding depression of mating behavior and its reproductive consequences in a freshwater snail
Janicke, T., N. Vellnow, T. Lamy, E. Chapuis, P. David
2013 Behavioral Ecology

8- Evaluating the contributions of change in investment and change in efficiency to age-related declines in male and female reproduction
Auld, J. R., P. Jarne, V. Sarda, H. Jourdan-Pineau, T. Lamy, B. Pélissié, P. David
2014 Journal of Evolutionary Biology

9- Understanding the Spatio-Temporal Response of Coral Reef Fish Communities to Natural Disturbances: Insights from Beta-Diversity Decomposition
Thomas Lamy, Pierre Legendre, Yannick Chancerelle, Gilles Siu, Joachim Claudet

10- A Neutral Theory for Interpreting Correlations between Species and Genetic Diversity in Communities
Laroche, Fabien, Philippe Jarne, Thomas Lamy, Patrice David, Francois Massol
2015 The American Naturalist