• Centre de la Biodiversité (B-130, Jardin Botanique de Montréal, Université de Montréal)
  • 514-343-2121 #83151


  • 2010-2014 post-doctoral fellowship (UBC Vancouver)
  • 2006-2010 PhD (Université Laval, Quebec city)
  • 2002-2004 MSc (McGill University, Montreal)
  • 1998-2001 BSc (McGill University – Macdonald campus, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue)

Research Interest (More information can be found here):

  • Molecular ecology / evolution
  • Speciation / domestication
  • Transcriptomics / population genomics
  • Data archiving / management / reproducible science

Assistance on  :

  • Bioinformatics (mainly R, Unix and open source software)
  • Transcriptomics (gene expression, SNP, metatranscriptomics)
  • Genomics (genome assembly, SNP, metabarcoding)
  • R software (statistics & graphics).
  • Manuscripts / grant writing & revisions

Selected publications (in bold: QCBS members, Google Scholar):

  • Renaut S, Guerra D, Hoeh WR, Stewart DT, Bogan AE, Ghiselli F, Milani L, Passamonti M, Breton S. Hybrid de novo assembly of the draft genome of the freshwater mussel Venustaconcha ellipsiformis (Bivalvia:Unionida). Genome Biology and Evolution. In press [PDF]
  • Renaut S, Budden AE, Gravel D, Poisot T, Peres-Neto P. Data curation and sharing for ecologists and the role of libraries in the 21st century. Bioscience. In Press – Editor’s choice
  • Capt C, Renaut S, Ghiselli F, Milani L, Johnson N, Sietman B, Stewart D, Breton S. Deciphering the link between doubly uniparental inheritance of mtDNA and sex determination in bivalves: clues from comparative transcriptomics. Genome Biology and Evolution 10: 577–590. [PDF]
  • Masse J, Prescott C, Renaut S, Terrat Y, Grayston S. 2017. Plant community and nitrogen deposition as drivers of α- and β-prokaryotic diversity in reconstructed soils and natural boreal forest soils. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 83: e03319-16. [PDF]
  • Bailie A, Renaut S, Ubalijoro E, Guerrero-Analco JA, Saleem A, Haddad P, Arnason JT,  Johns T,  Cuerrier A. 2016. Phytogeographic and genetic variation in Sorbus, a traditional antidiabetic medicine – adaptation in action in both a plant and a discipline. PeerJ. e2645 [PDF]
  • Renaut S, Rieseberg LH. 2015. The accumulation of deleterious mutations as a consequence of domestication and improvement in sunflowers and other Compositae crops. Molecular Biology and Evolution 32: 2273-2283. [PDF]
  • Vines, TH, Albert, AY, Andrew, RL, Débarre, F, Bock, DG, Franklin, MT, Gilbert, KJ, Moore, JS, Renaut, S, Rennison, DJ. 2014. The Availability of Research Data Declines Rapidly with Article Age. Current Biology 24: 94-97 [PDF]
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  • Renaut S, Grassa CJ, Yeaman S, Moyers BT,Lai Z, Kane NC, Bowers JC, Burke JM, Rieseberg LH. 2013. The number and size of genomic islands of divergence do not vary with geography of speciation. Nature Communications 4: 1827 [PDF] [supp]