I specialize in spatial and statistical analysis in landscape and forest ecology, wildlife ecology, and agronomy, as well as geographic information science, web development, database management and programming. I have keen interests in several areas of research pertaining to biodiversity science and I am passionate about the integration of theory and practice to address the challenge of balancing human well-being and ecosystem integrity. As a research associate at McGill University, I have participated in a number of projects on remote sensing, geostatistics, computer programming, animal movement analysis, spatial analysis of insect pests and time series forecasting. I hold a B.Sc. in wildlife biology and a PhD in biostatistics and forest ecology from McGill University. My doctoral research focused on the development and use of methods for multi-variate and multi-scale analysis in ecology.

I am available to work with QCBS researchers on activities such as:

  • facilitating the planning and implementation of collaborative research.
  • research on axis 2 themes, e.g. role of biodiversity in ecosystem functioning, data management, adaptation in response to environmental change, causes of biodiversity change, ecosystem services.
  • data integration and management.
  • experimental design. 
  • database development.
  • GIS-based research and analysis, remote sensing.
  • statistical analysis (mixed models, multivariate analysis, spatial analysis, etc.). 
  • web development. Interactive web graphics and mapping. 
  • R programming. 

Please contact me by email at guillaume.larocque@mcgill.ca or at (514) 398-8719