Knowledge to action

The identification of biodiversity problems and their articulation into research questions that can be answered through known scientific methods lies at the heart of problem solving in Biodiversity science.

For some problems, the solutions may be already available in existing knowledge sources (published research literature, guidelines, etc.), while for others, new solutions will need to be found through appropriate co constructed research.

The co construction of research: research that facilitates partnership in research between at least one academic party and one non-academic party (for example a community organisation, non profit organizations or public sector organisation) over all phases and aspects of the research from research design, analysis and output.

Opinions and reports from members

Sophie Lavallée, Marc-Antoine Racicot et Valérie Dupont  – Possibilités et limites de l’encadrement juridique de la protection des rives, du littoral et des plaines inondables au Québec – Document d’orientation politique.