Monica Mulrennan

Associate Professor,
Concordia University

Department of Geography, Planning and Environment
1455 de Maisonneuve W.,
H 1255-26 (Hall Building),
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3G 1M8
Tel: (514) 848-2424 ext. 2055
Fax: (514) 848-2032
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B.A (hons): University College Dublin
Ph.D.(1990): University College Dublin
Post-doctoral research: University of Wollongong (NSW)

Dr Mulrennan’s research interests focus on indigenous peoples and their use and management of coastal and marine environments. More specifically she is interested in local ecological knowledge, community-based management, protected area development, human adaptations to environmental change, and small boat fisheries development. She has worked closely with Torres Strait Islanders (northern Queensland) since the early 1990s, initially as Coordinator of their Marine Strategy for Torres Strait (MaSTS) and more recently, in collaboration with Colin Scott (Anthropology, McGill University) in the documentation of local knowledge, marine resource use and Islander sea claims. She is a member of the McGill Wemindji Protected Area Project which is a research partnership with the James Bay Cree community of Wemindji (northern Quebec) focused on the establishment of culturally-appropriate protected areas on significant portions of their traditional territory.

QCBS students
Veronique Bussières, Ph.D.
(Start: 2008, End: 2018)

Thesis title: A Critical Perspective on Bio-cultural Approaches to Conservation in Coastal Indigenous Settings
Stéphanie Marie Sabbagh, Ph.D.
(Start: 2014, End: 2019)

Other (co-)supervisor: Brown, Grant
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Peter Stoett
Thesis title: The human dimension of shark fisheries on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef
Previous students (since 2009)
Eulalio Guieb, Ph.D.
(Start: 2002, End: 2009)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Colin H. Scott
Thesis title: Local knowledge, tenure and conservation: Marine protected areas in two Bohol villages, the Philippines
Annie Lalancette, Ph.D.
(Start: 2006, End: 2016)

Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Colin H. Scott
Thesis title: Reconciling Local and Scientific Fisheries Knowledge in the Context of the Tropical Rock Lobster Fishery, Torres Strait, Northern Australia
Marivic Pajaro, Ph.D.
(Start: 2001, End: 2009)
Thesis title: Socio-economic and Biological Indicators of Marine Protected Area Success in the Central Philippines
Salman Banisadr, M.Sc.
(Start: 2013, End: 2015)

Thesis title: Community-based Conservation in Mexico
Kanwaljeet Dewan, M.Sc.
(Start: 2011, End: 2016)

Thesis title: Towards an improved understanding of community-level fisheries monitoring: A case study of the Wemindji Community Fisheries Program
Magdalena Garcia Perez, M.Sc.
(Start: 2009, End: 2011)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Colin H. Scott
Thesis title: A Comparative Exploration of Indigenous Protected Area (PA) Governance Arrangements in Chile and Canada
Tariq Hossein, M.Sc.
(Start: 2014, End: 2016)

Thesis title: Polar Bear Tourism in Eeyou Istchee: an assessment of different perspectives and considerations
Cassandra Lamontagne, M.Sc.
(Start: 2013, End: 2016)
Other (co-)supervisor: Damon Matthews, Concordia University
Thesis title: Assessing the effects of climate change at the local scale using a combination of Indigenous Knowledge and climate data
Geneviève Layton-Cartier, M.Sc.
(Start: 2009, End: 2014)

Thesis title: Facilitating Mechanisms in Support of Emerging Collaborative Governance of MPAs in Québec
Personal page
Erich Seydewitz, M.Sc.
(Start: 2010, End: 2016)

Thesis title: Multi-purpose greenways and nationwide trails networks: An examination of the Trans Canada Trail and the Sendero de Chile
Andra Syvänen, M.Sc.
(Start: 2009, End: 2011)
Thesis title: Wemindji Cree Observation and Interpretations of Climate Change: Documenting Adaptability in the Sub-Arctic
GEOG 203 - Canadian Environmental Issues (Fall / Automne)
GEOG 407 - Indigenous Resource Management (Fall / Automne)
GEOG 470 - Environmental Management (Fall / Automne)
HENV 675 - Community Participation in Environmental Conservation (Fall / Automne)
GEOG 607 - Indigenous Resource Management (Winter / Hiver)

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