Greg Mikkelson

Associate Professor,
McGill University

Department of Philosophy
Room: LEA 913
Leacock Building
855 Sherbrooke St. W.
Montreal, Quebec H3A 2T7
Tel: 514-398-8630
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Ph.D., Conceptual Foundations of Science, University of Chicago, 1997
M.S., Ecology and Evolution, University of Chicago, 1992
B.A., International Affairs, Trinity University, 1987

I do trans-disciplinary research on the patterns, causes, consequences, and value of biodiversity. This research has led to publications in the fields of community ecology, philosophy of science, nature poetry, ecological economics, and environmental ethics.

PHIL 349 - Environmental Philosophy (Winter / Hiver)
PHIL 481 - Topics in Philosophy (Winter / Hiver)
PHIL 341 - Philosophy of Science (Winter / Hiver)
PHIL 446 - Current Issues in Political Philosophy (Winter / Hiver)
ENVR 400 - Environmental Thought (Winter / Hiver)
PHIL 237 - Contemporary Moral Issues (Fall / Automne)
PHIL 580 - Problems of Philosophy 1 (Fall / Automne)
PHIL 540 - Seminar in Philosophy and Social Sciences (Fall / Automne)

26- Environmental Values, Human Nature, and Economic Democracy
Mikkelson G.M.
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25- Individualistic Environmental Ethics: A Reductio ad Exstinctum?
Mikkelson, Gregory M., Chapman, Colin A., ,
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24- Richness Theory: From Value to Action
Mikkelson, Gregory M.
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23-Economic equality as a condition for biodiversity conservation
Mikkelson, G. M., R. Billé, and G. Kleitz
2013 Reducing Inequalities: A Sustainable Development Challenge ( Date Added: 2016-07-14)

22- Growth Is the Problem; Equality Is the Solution
Mikkelson, G. M
2013 Sustainability (Date Added: 2013-01-30)

21- Sandra D. Mitchell. Unsimple Truths: Science, Complexity, and Policy,
Mikkelson, Gregory M.
2011 Philosophy of Science (Date Added: 2012-09-17)

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Mikkelson, G. M.
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Mikkelson, G. M.
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Mikkelson, G. M.
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