Piero Calosi

Assistant Professor,
Université du Québec à Rimouski

Département de Biologie, Chimie et Géographie
300 Allée des Ursulines, Rimouski, Québec , G5L 3A1
Tel: 418-723-1986 ext. 1797
E-mail: piero_calosi@uqar.ca
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  • Doctorate in Animal Ecology and Ethology, Biology at the University of Florence
  • Master's degree in Biological Sciences, Environmental Sciences - Ecophysiology route - at the University of Florence
  • Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences, Biology, at the University of Florence

  • Research
    My research focuses on how physiological systems have evolved, how such evolution helps defining organisms’ biogeography and vulnerability to warming, acidification and de-oxygenation, and whether adaptation to global drivers can occur rapidly enough to prevent local and global extinction.

    Prizes and honours
  • Ocean Acidification in Benthic Communities - Commonwealth Award - 2012
  • Ocean Acidification - Commonwealth Development Award - 2010
  • CETL Plymouth University Staff Developmental Award

  • QCBS students
    Gloria Massamba N'Siala, Postdoctoral fellow
    (Start: 2015, End: 2018)
    Other (co-)supervisor: Louis-Miguel Chevin , CNRS Montpellier
    Marie-Hélène Carignan, M.Sc.
    (Start: 2017, End: 2019)

    Thesis title: Les espèces de zooplancton polaires et tempérées ont-t-elles une sensibilité métabolique différente aux vagues de chaleur ?
    Mathilde Chemel, M.Sc.
    (Start: 2017, End: 2019)

    Other (co-)supervisor: Denis Chabot, MPO (IML, Mont-Joli)
    Thesis title: Effets de l’augmentation de la température, de la diminution du pH et de l’hypoxie sur le métabolisme énergétique et la qualité nutritionnelle et organoleptique de la crevette nordique
    Sarah Ouimette, M.Sc.
    (Start: 2016, End: 2018)

    Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Jean-Philippe Lessard
    Thesis title: Integrating Life Stage-Related Differences in Odonates’ Physiology into Predictions of their Geographic Distributions
    Fanny Vermandele, M.Sc.
    (Start: 2016, End: 2018)

    Other (co-)supervisor: Philippe Archambault
    Previous students (since 2009)
    Leela Chakravarti, Membre employé(e) / Employed member
    (Start: 2014, End: 2015)
    Thesis title: Plasticité trans-générationelle et changements climatiques
    Mike Jarrold, Membre employé(e) / Employed member
    (Start: 2014, End: 2015)
    Thesis title: Plasticité trans-générationelle et changements climatiques
    Angélique Hoffmann, B.Sc.
    (Start: 2015, End: 2015)
    Léa Loubet-Sartrou, B.Sc.
    (Start: 2015, End: 2015)
    Vincent Turpin, B.Sc.
    (Start: 2015, End: 2016)
    Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Pierre Blier
    Emma Gibbin, Postdoctoral fellow
    (Start: 2014, End: 2017)
    Fanny Noisette, Postdoctoral fellow
    (Start: 2016, End: 2017)

    Thesis title: Effects of temperature on the embryonnic development of the polychete Ophryotrocha labronica
    Spatafora Davide, M.Sc.
    (Start: 2015, End: 2016)
    Other (co-)supervisor: Marco Milazzo, Universita di Palermo
    Kayla Menu-Courey, M.Sc.
    (Start: 2015, End: 2017)

    Thesis title: L'effect de l'acidification des océans sur la survie, les traits d'histoire de vie, et la physiologie du homard Américain juvénile
    Cynthia Thibault, M.Sc.
    (Start: 2016, End: 2017)

    Thesis title: Plasticity of rare and common marin polychaetes face Global Change
    BIO 130 99 - Invertébrés (NA)
    BIO 273 02 - Écologie marine (NA)
    BIO 547 16 - Évolution dans le milieu marin et changements globaux (NA)
    BIO 272 13 - Biologie et écologie des arthropodes aquatiques (Fall / Automne)

    64- Contrasting physiological responses to future ocean acidification among Arctic copepod populations
    Thor P., Bailey A., Dupont S., Calosi P., Søreide J.E., De Wit P., Guscelli E., Loubet-Sartrou L., Deichmann I.M., Candee M.M., Svensen C., King A.L., Bellerby R.G.J.
    2017 Global Change Biology (Date Added: 2017-10-08)

    63- Regional variations in early life stages response to a temperature gradient in the northern shrimp Pandalus borealis and vulnerability of the populations to ocean warming
    Ouellet P., Chabot D., Calosi P., Orr D., Galbraith P.S.
    2017 Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology (Date Added: 2017-10-03)

    62- Overwintering individuals of the Arctic krill Thysanoessa inermis appear tolerant to short-term exposure to low pH conditions
    Venello T.A., Calosi P., Turner L.M., Findlay H.S.
    2017 Polar Biology (Date Added: 2017-08-16)

    61- Can multi-generational exposure to ocean warming and acidification lead to the adaptation of life history and physiology in a marine metazoan?
    Gibbin, E.M., Chakravarti, L.J., Jarrold, M.D., Christen, F., Turpin, V., Massamba N'Siala, G., Blier, P.U., Calosi, P.
    2017 The Journal of Experimental Biology (Date Added: 2017-07-31)

    60- Low pH conditions impair module capacity to regenerate in a calcified colonial invertebrate, the bryozoan Cryptosula pallasiana
    Lombardi C., Taylor P.D., Cocito S., Bertolini C., Calosi P.
    2017 Marine Environmental Research (Date Added: 2017-02-22)

    59- Long-term exposure to elevated pCO2 more than warming modifies early-life shell growth in a temperate gastropod
    Rühl, S., Calosi, P., Faulwetter, S., Keklikoglou, K., Widdicombe, S., Queirós, A.M.
    2017 ICES Journal of Marine Science: Journal du Conseil (Date Added: 2017-02-05)

    58- Does sex really matter? Explaining intraspecies variation in ocean acidification responses
    Ellis, R.P., Davison, W., Queiros, A.M., Kroeker, K.J., Calosi, P., Dupont, S., Spicer, J.I., Wilson, R.W., Widdicombe, S., Urbina, M.A.
    2017 Biology Letters (Date Added: 2017-02-05)

    57- Regional adaptation defines sensitivity to future ocean acidification
    Calosi, P., Melatunan, S., Turner, L.M., Artioli, Y., Davidson, R.L., Byrne, J.J., Viant, M.R., Widdicombe, S., Rundle, S.D.
    2017 Nature Communications (Date Added: 2017-02-03)

    56- Metabolic and reproductive plasticity of core and marginal populations of the eurythermic saline water bug Sigara selecta (Hemiptera: Corixidae) in a climate change context
    Carbonell, J.A., Bilton, D.T., Calosi, P., Millan, A., Stewart, A., Velasco, J.
    2017 Journal of Insect Physiology (Date Added: 2017-02-03)

    55- Estimating the ecological, economic and social impacts of ocean acidification and warming on UK fisheries
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    54- Resilience to ocean acidification: decreased carbonic anhydrase activity in sea anemones under high pCO2 conditions
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    53- Metabolic responses to high pCO2 conditions at a CO2 vent site in juveniles of a marine isopod species assemblage
    Turner, L.M., Ricevuto, E., Massa Gallucci, A., Lorenti, M., Gambi, M.-C., Calosi, P.
    2016 Marine Biology (Date Added: 2016-10-11)

    52- Multi-generational responses of a marine polychaete to a rapid change in seawater pCO2
    Rodriguez-Romero, A., Jarrold, M.D., Massamba-N'Siala, G., Spicer, J.I., Calosi, P.
    2016 Evolutionary Applications (Date Added: 2016-10-11)

    51- An in situ assessment of local adaptation in a calcifying polychaete from a shallow CO2 vent system
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    50- Will life find a way? Evolution of marine species under global change
    Calosi, P., De Wit, P., Thor, P., Dupont, S.
    2016 Evolutionary Applications (Date Added: 2016-10-11)

    49- Can trans-generational experiments be used to enhance species resilience to ocean warming and acidification?
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    2016 Evolutionary Applications (Date Added: 2016-10-11)

    48- The impact of ocean acidification on the skeletal mechanical properties of the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus: laboratory and field observations
    Collard M, Rastrick SPS, Calosi P, Demolder Y, Dille J, Hall-Spencer J, Milazzo M, Mouline L, Widdicombe S, Dehairs F, Dubois P
    2016 ICES Journal of Marine Science (Date Added: 2016-07-04)

    47- The sensitivity of the early benthic juvenile stage of the European lobster Homarus gammarus (L.) to elevated pCO2 and temperature
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    45- Scaling up experimental ocean acidification and warming research: from individuals to the ecosystem
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    44- Stage-specific changes in physiological optimum during larval development drive life history and population responses to complex cilimate changes in the European lobster, Homarus Gammarus (L.).
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    42- To brood or not to brood: Are marine invertebrates that protect their offspring more resilient to ocean acidification?
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    41- Bird is the word – on the importance of ethical and effective scientific communication
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    40- A mesocosm study investigating the effects of hypoxia and population density on respiration and reproductive biology in the brittlestar Amphiura filiformis
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