Laura Pollock

Assistant Professor,
McGill University

Department of Biology
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Bachelors, Biology and Environment/Natural Resource, University of Wyoming (2000/08 - 2004/05)
Master's, Plant biology, Southern Illinois University at Garbondale (2004/08 - 2006/12)
Doctorate, Ecology and Evolution, University of Melbourne (2007/07 - 2011/12)


Collecting biodiversity information by considering taxonomic, genetic and functional diversity, as well as improving the predictions of how species and communities will be impacted by climate and land use changes

QCBS students

Wenyuan Zhang

Postdoctoral fellow
(Start: 2023)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Andrew Gonzalez
Biodiversity spatial planning in Canada
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Abbie Gail Jones

(Start: 2019)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Brian Leung
Integrative species distribution models for extensive biodiversity datasets: insights and patterns from applications at large scales

Maximiliane Jousse

(Start: 2022, End: 2026)
More Than the Sum of Its Parts – How Biodiversity Comes Together to Bring Ecosystem Services

Janaina Serrano

(Start: 2021, End: 2025)
Assessing threat vulnerability and extinction risk for terrestrial vertebrates
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