Clint Kelly

Université du Québec à Montréal

Département de sciences biologiques
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  • Postdoc, Dalhousie University, 2008
  • Postdoc, Australian National University, 2007
  • Doctorate, University of Toronto, 2005
  • Master's Thesis, , Mount Allison University, 1999
  • Bachelor's Honours, University of Waterloo, 1995


We use an empirical approach to examine a large spectrum of subjects in behavioural and evolutionary ecology with emphasis on the evolution and maintenance of mating systems and the strategies and compromises between reproduction, immunity and evolution of sexual dimorphism and sperm competition. Other than our empirical approach to research, we have a deep interest in examining and synthesising primary literature by using meta-analysis, by commenting on statistical questions and by analysing scientific practices

QCBS students

Maxime Fraser Franco

(Start: 2020)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Pierre-Olivier Montiglio
Quantifying how ecological factors and learning shape individual variation in hunting behaviour using an online videogame

Monica Monllor

(Start: 2019)
Sexual selection and sperm networks in a sexually dimorphic New Zealand insect

Jean-Christophe Robert

(Start: 2018)
Impact of juvenile hormone on the allocation of ressources between the immune system and the reproductive system in the sand field cricket (Gryllus firmus)

Previous students (since 2009)

Daphné Bourget

(Start: 2018, End: 2020)
Other QCBS (co-)supervisor: Pierre-Olivier Montiglio
Relation entre le comportement reproducteur, la condition, et la survie chez le patineur (Aquarius remigis)

Roxanne Gagnon

Other (co-)supervisor: Maxim Larrivée, Insectarium de Montréal
(Start: 2019, End: 2020)
Estimation de la population et caractérisation de l’habitat de la Cicindèle verte des pinèdes (Cicindela patruela Dejean) sur l’Île aux Allumettes (Québec)

Marie-Eve Le Ber

Other (co-)supervisor: Maxim Larrivée, Insectarium de Montréal
(Start: 2018, End: 2019)
Habitat preferences and occurrence of the common walking stick (Diapheromera femorata) in Quebec

Sarah Nason

(Start: 2016, End: 2019)
Trimorphism in male tree weta (Hemideina crassidens): the role of genetics, population characteristics, and environmental influences
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Examples of species studied

Woodworthia maculatus
Acheta domesticus
Deinacrida rugosa
Hemideina crassidens
Poecilia reticulata
Gryllus texensis


66- The complex ecology of genitalia: Gonopodium length and allometry in the Trinidadian guppy
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64- Maximizing the effectiveness of qualitative systematic reviews: A case study on terrestrial arthropod conservation translocations
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34- Intraspecific Sexual Size and Shape Dimorphism in an Australian Freshwater Fish Differs with Respect to a Biogeographic Barrier and Latitude
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