Tonia de Bellis

Dawson College

Department of Biology
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  • Doctorate, Doctor of Philosophy, Biology, Concordia University
  • Master's Thesis, Masters of Science, Biology, Concordia University
  • Bachelor's, Bachelor of Science, Biology, Concordia University

  • Research

    Tonia De Bellis is a researcher in biology, interested in biological invasions and microbial communities. Tonia is leading a project exploring mutualistic interactions between plants and mycorrhizal fungi. Specifically, she is interested in whether the relative strength of these positive interactions differ between native and invasive maple trees.

    Prizes and honours

  • Association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale (AQPC) Honorable Mention
  • J.W. McConnell Memorial Graduate Fellowship
  • Concordia University External Grant Holder Doctoral Scholarship
  • FQRNT Doctoral Scholarship
  • Power Corporation of Canada Scholarship
  • Garnet Strong Scholarship Concordia University Entrance Scholarship
  • Women's Entrance Scholarship in Pure & Applied Sciences and Engineering
  • J.W. McConnell Memorial Graduate Fellowship
  • FCAR Fellowship

  • Examples of species studied

    Betula alleghaniensis
    Acer saccharum
    Clintonia borealis


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    2- Relationships between stand composition and ectomycorrhizal community structure in boreal mixed-wood forests
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    1- Effects of selective cuts on the mycorrhizae of regenerating_Betula alleghaniensis_and_Acer saccharum_seedlings in two Quebec mixed deciduous forests
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