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Département des Sciences Biologiques
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My research centers on understanding the cumulative ecological impacts of human activities on biodiversity. We use a combination of behavioral, population, and community ecology in combination with cutting edge techniques in wildlife monitoring, survey design, geographic information systems, and habitat modelling. Our goal is to provide recommendations on how biodiversity reacts to various types of human and natural disturbance with the goal of achieving better conservation outcomes. This includes understanding interactions between native and invasive species, interactions between climate change and land-use, and economic – ecological trade-off assessment. While many in the lab work on birds, there is no particular taxonomic bias to our research. We work closely with government, industry, and conservation organizations to facilitate better conservation decision making.

Examples of species studied

Euphagus carolinus
Oporornis agilis
Strix varia
Poecile atricapillus
Coturnicops noveboracensis
Melospiza lincolnii
Gavialis gangeticus


53- Combining audio and non-audio inputs in evolved neural networks for Ovenbird classification
Journal Article
Poo Hernandez S , Bulitko V , Bayne E ,
2024 Bioacoustics (Date Added: 2024-04-15)

52- Behaviour and landscape contexts determine the effects of artificial light on two crepuscular bird species
Journal Article
Adams C A , Clair C C S , Knight E C , Bayne E M ,
2024 Landscape Ecology (Date Added: 2024-03-31)

51- Impact of stockpile depth and storage time on soil microbial communities
Journal Article
Hernandez J C , Ribeiro H M , Bayne E , MacKenzie M , Lanoil B ,
2024 Applied Soil Ecology (Date Added: 2024-01-25)

50- Climate-sensitive forecasts of marked short-term and long-term changes in the distributions or abundances of Northwestern boreal landbirds
Journal Article
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2024 Climate Change Ecology (Date Added: 2024-01-15)

49- Simultaneous estimation of the temporal and spatial extent of animal migration using step lengths and turning angles
Journal Article
Thompson P R , Harrington P D , Mallory C D , Lele S R , Bayne E M , Derocher A E , Edwards M A , Campbell M , Lewis M A ,
2024 Movement Ecology (Date Added: 2024-01-13)

48- A framework to support the identification of critical habitat for wide-ranging species at risk under climate change
Journal Article
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47- Audio data compression affects acoustic indices and reduces detections of birds by human listening and automated recognisers
Journal Article
MacPhail A G , Yip D A , Knight E C , Hedley R , Knaggs M , Shonfield J , Upham-Mills E , Bayne E M ,
2023 Bioacoustics (Date Added: 2023-12-21)

46- Gharial (Gavialis gangeticus) conservation in Bardia National Park, Nepal: Assessing population structure and habitat characteristics along the river channel amidst infrastructure development
Journal Article
Dhami B , Maraseni T , Thapa K , K  C N , Subedi S , Gautam S , Ayer S , Bayne E ,
2023 Ecology and Evolution (Date Added: 2023-11-13)

45- Domains of scale in cumulative effects of energy sector development on boreal birds
Journal Article
Crosby A D , Leston L , Bayne E M , Sólymos P , Mahon C L , Toms J D , Docherty T D S , Song S J ,
2023 Landscape Ecology (Date Added: 2023-10-31)

44- Large-scale bioacoustic monitoring to elucidate the distribution of a non-native katydid
Journal Article
Caouette A P , Bayne E M , Judge K A ,
2023 Ecological Entomology (Date Added: 2023-10-18)

43- Weak support for cumulative effects of industrial disturbance on three owl species in Alberta’s boreal forest
Journal Article
Shonfield J , Bayne E ,
2023 Avian Conservation and Ecology (Date Added: 2023-05-24)

42- Will this umbrella leak? A caribou umbrella index for boreal landbird conservation
Journal Article
Micheletti T , Haché S , Stralberg D , Stewart F E C , Chubaty A M , Barros C , Bayne E M , Cumming S G , Docherty T D S , Dookie A , Duclos I , Eddy I M S , Gadallah Z , Haas C A , Hodson J , Leblond M , Mahon C L , Schmiegelow F , Tremblay J A , Van Wilgenburg S L , Westwood A R , McIntire E J B ,
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41- The Big Boom Theory: The Common Nighthawk wing-boom display delineates exclusive nesting territories
Journal Article
Knight E C , Brigham R M , Bayne E M ,
2022 Ornithology (Date Added: 2023-03-07)

40- Acoustic detection of gunshots to improve measurement and mapping of hunting activity
Journal Article
Hedley R W , Joubert B , Bains H K , Bayne E M ,
2022 Wildlife Society Bulletin (Date Added: 2022-11-28)

39- Home-range habitat selection by Ferruginous Hawks in western Canada: implications for wind-energy conflicts
Journal Article
Ng J W , Wellicome T I , Leston L F V , Bayne E M ,
2022 Avian Conservation and Ecology (Date Added: 2022-11-28)

38- Comparing alternative methods of modelling cumulative effects of oil and gas footprint on boreal bird abundance
Journal Article
Leston L , Bayne E , Toms J D , Mahon C L , Crosby A , Sólymos P , Ball J , Song S J , Schmiegelow F K A , Stralberg D , Docherty T D S ,
2022 Landscape Ecology (Date Added: 2022-11-28)

37- Influence of in situ oilsands development on occurrence of an avian peatland generalist and specialist
Journal Article
Carpenter T M , Mahon C L , Bayne E , Keim J L , Nielsen S E ,
2022 Avian Conservation and Ecology (Date Added: 2022-10-30)

36- Canada Warbler response to vegetation structure on regenerating seismic lines
Journal Article
Gregoire J M , Hedley R W , Bayne E M ,
2022 Avian Conservation and Ecology (Date Added: 2022-10-30)

35- Bioacoustically derived migration arrival times in boreal birds: implications for assessing habitat quality
Journal Article
2022 Avian Conservation and Ecology (Date Added: 2022-09-14)

34- Integrating data types to estimate spatial patterns of avian migration across the Western Hemisphere
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33- Topographic and vegetation drivers of thermal heterogeneity along the boreal–grassland transition zone in western Canada: Implications for climate change refugia
Journal Article
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2022 Ecology and Evolution (Date Added: 2022-07-13)

32- Relative Importance for Lincoln’s Sparrow (Melospiza lincolnii) Occupancy of Vegetation Type versus Noise Caused by Industrial Development
Journal Article
Sánchez N V , Sandoval L , Hedley R W , St Clair C C , Bayne E M ,
2022 Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution (Date Added: 2022-04-30)

29- Effects of sea ice fragmentation on polar bear migratory movement in Hudson Bay
Journal Article
Biddlecombe B , Bayne E , Lunn N , McGeachy D , Derocher A ,
2021 Marine Ecology Progress Series (Date Added: 2022-05-05)

28- Response of ferruginous hawks to temporary habitat alterations for energy development in southwestern Alberta
Journal Article
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27- Distance truncation via sound level for bioacoustic surveys in patchy habitat
Journal Article
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26- Effects of artificial light on bird movement and distribution: a systematic map
Journal Article
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25- A synthetic review of terrestrial biological research from the Alberta oil sands region: 10 years of published literature
Journal Article
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2021 Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management (Date Added: 2021-11-05)

24- Specialist or generalist? It depends. Context-dependent habitat relationships provide insight into forest disturbance effects for a boreal bird species
Journal Article
Knight E C , Brigham R M , Bayne E M ,
2021 Forest Ecology and Management (Date Added: 2021-11-05)

23- Modelling, characterizing, and monitoring boreal forest wetland bird habitat with radarsat-2 and landsat-8 data
Journal Article
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22- Combination of targeted monitoring and Breeding Bird Survey data improves population trend estimation and species distribution modeling for the Common Nighthawk
Journal Article
Knight E C , Smith A C , Brigham R M , Bayne E M ,
2021 Condor (Date Added: 2021-11-05)

21- Migratory connectivity and annual cycle phenology of rusty blackbirds (Euphagus carolinus) revealed through archival gps tags
Journal Article
Wright J R , Johnson J A , Bayne E , Powell L L , Foss C R , Kennedy J C , Marra P P ,
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20- Quantifying Vocal Activity and Detection Probability to Inform Survey Methods for Barred Owls (Strix varia)
Journal Article
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19- Use of an unmanned aerial vehicle and sound localization to determine bird microhabitat
Journal Article
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18- Automated classification of avian vocal activity using acoustic indices in regional and heterogeneous datasets
Journal Article
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17- Can you hear me now? The effect of signal degradation on perceived predator threat in black-capped chickadees (Poecile atricapillus)
Journal Article
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16- Assessing Pathways of Climate Change Effects in SpaDES: An Application to Boreal Landbirds of Northwest Territories Canada
Journal Article
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15- Habitat loss on the breeding grounds is a major contributor to population declines in a long-distance migratory songbird
Journal Article
Hallworth M T , Bayne E , McKinnon E , Love O , Tremblay J A , Drolet B , Ibarzabal J , Van Wilgenburg S , Marra P P ,
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14- Comprehensive estimation of spatial and temporal migratory connectivity across the annual cycle to direct conservation efforts
Journal Article
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13- Boreal owl (aegolius funereus) and northern saw-whet owl (aegolius acadicus) breeding records in managed boreal forests
Journal Article
Domahidi Z , Nielsen S E , Bayne E M , Spence J R ,
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12- No relationship between gastrointestinal parasite intensities or mercury burdens on fluctuating asymmetry in common eider (somateria mollissima) mandibles
Journal Article
Scobie C A , Panopi J G , Bayne E M , Provencher J F , Gilchrist H G ,
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11- Quantifying Long-Term Bird Population Responses to Simulated Harvest Plans and Cumulative Effects of Disturbance
Journal Article
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10- First description of the structure and geographic patterns in the songs of the Connecticut Warbler (Oporornis agilis)
Journal Article
Hannah K C , Bayne E M , Sánchez N V ,
2020 Wilson Journal of Ornithology (Date Added: 2021-11-05)

9- The Role of Sibling Competition and Parental Provisioning on Food Distribution among Ferruginous Hawk Nestlings
Journal Article
Szojka M C , Bayne E M , Wellicome T I , Nordell C J , Ng J W ,
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8- Avian response to wildfire severity in a northern Boreal region
Journal Article
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7- Visual spectrogram scanning paired with an observation–confirmation occupancy model improves the efficiency and accuracy of bioacoustic anuran data
Journal Article
Cameron J , Crosby A , Paszkowski C , Bayne E ,
2020 Canadian Journal of Zoology (Date Added: 2021-11-05)

6- Satellite tracking reveals age and origin differences in migration ecology of two populations of Broad-winged Hawks (Buteo platypterus)
Journal Article
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5- Sound level measurements from audio recordings provide objective distance estimates for distance sampling wildlife populations
Journal Article
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4- Bird assemblage recovery in a chronosequence of tropical dry forests in Costa Rica
Journal Article
Hilje B , Sánchez N V , Bayne E M , Sánchez-Azofeifa A ,
2020 Forests (Date Added: 2021-11-05)

3- Modeling the occurrence of the yellow rail (Coturnicops noveboracensis) in the context of ongoing resource development in the oil sands region of alberta
Journal Article
Hedley R W , McLeod L J T , Yip D A , Farr D , Knaga P , Drake K L , Bayne E ,
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2- Lessons learned from comparing spatially explicit models and the Partners in Flight approach to estimate population sizes of boreal birds in Alberta, Canada
Journal Article
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2020 Condor (Date Added: 2021-11-05)

1- Ecological insights from three decades of animal movement tracking across a changing Arctic
Journal Article
2020 Science (New York, N.Y.) (Date Added: 2020-11-17)

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