Matthew Talluto

Scientific researcher,
University of Innsbruck

Department of Ecology
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I'm a quantitative ecologist interested in using models to understand how ecological processes occurring at scales ranging from individuals to landscapes combine to determine the distribution of biodiversity. My main focus has been on montane and forested ecosystems, though the methods I employ have applications to other systems as well.


7- Pulse, Shunt and Storage: Hydrological Contraction Shapes Processing and Export of Particulate Organic Matter in River Networks
Journal Article
Catalàn N , Campo R d , Talluto M , Mendoza-Lera C , Grandi G , Bernal S , Schiller D v , Singer G , Bertuzzo E ,
2022 Ecosystems (Date Added: 2022-12-21)

6- The last hideout: Abundance patterns of the not-quite-yet extinct mayfly Prosopistoma pennigerum in the Albanian Vjosa River network
Journal Article
Martini J , Walther F , Schenekar T , Birnstiel E , Wüthrich R , Oester R , Schindelegger B , Schwingshackl T , Wilfling O , Altermatt F , Talluto M V , Singer G , Vitecek S ,
2022 Insect Conservation and Diversity (Date Added: 2022-12-09)

5- Standardised empirical dispersal kernels emphasise the pervasiveness of long-distance dispersal in European birds
Journal Article
Fandos G , Talluto M , Fiedler W , Robinson R A , Thorup K , Zurell D ,
2022 Journal of Animal Ecology (Date Added: 2022-12-09)

4- Modelling of vegetation dynamics from satellite time series to determine proglacial primary succession in the course of global warming—a case study in the upper martell valley (Eastern italian alps)
Journal Article
Knoflach B , Ramskogler K , Talluto M , Hofmeister F , Haas F , Heckmann T , Pfeiffer M , Piermattei L , Ressl C , Wimmer M H , Geitner C , Erschbamer B , Stötter J ,
2021 Remote Sensing (Date Added: 2021-11-18)

3- Protecting Biodiversity (in All Its Complexity): New Models and Methods
Journal Article
Pollock L J , O’Connor L M , Mokany K , Rosauer D F , Talluto M V , Thuiller W ,
2020 Trends in Ecology and Evolution (Date Added: 2021-11-05)

2- Multi-scale integration of tree recruitment and range dynamics in a changing climate
Journal Article
Copenhaver‐Parry P E , Carroll C J W , Martin P H , Talluto M V ,
2020 Global Ecology and Biogeography (Date Added: 2021-11-05)

1- Slow demography and limited dispersal constrain the expansion of north-eastern temperate forests under climate change
Journal Article
Vissault S , Talluto M V , Boulangeat I , Gravel D ,
2020 Journal of Biogeography (Date Added: 2020-12-06)