Remote Sensing of Biodiversity Hub of Expertise

Project Description

The QCBS 2.0 focuses on establishing a Québec Biodiversity Observation Network and developing the science around it. Given the sheer size of Québec, and the speed at which changes in biodiversity are taking place, it is clear that remote sensing is required and that field observations will not be sufficient. The overall goal of this Hub of Expertise to share the team’s remote sensing expertise broadly across the QCBS, by offering data acquisition and processing services (e.g., drone imagery) and by providing specific training to HQP and researchers. The specific objectives of this Hub of Expertise are to: 1. offer drone data acquisition and processing services to members. 2. provide consulting services and access to tools to members for efficient field data acquisition workflows that require the integration of in-situ observations and remote sensing data (e.g. species annotations of high-resolution RGB imagery for training or validating deep learning models). 3. provide training about acquiring, accessing, processing and/or using remote sensing data for biodiversity research.

Principal Investigators