Marie-Pier Hébert

McGill University
Candidat Ph.D.

superviseur(e): Gregor Fussmann
Beatrix Beisner
Début: 2016-09-01
Fin: 2018-04-01
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Interactive impacts of global change on freshwater plankton: implications for lake food web structure and function


ecophysiology, limnology, food webs, trophic interactions, global change, Aquatic Ecosystems, ecosystem functioning, community ecology


1- Pan-Arctic patterns of planktonic heterotrophic microbial abundance and processes: Controlling factors and potential impacts of warming
Maranger, Roxane, Dolors Vaqué, Dan Nguyen, Marie-Pier Hébert, Elena Lara
2015 Progress in Oceanography

2- A meta-analysis of zooplankton functional traits influencing ecosystem function
Hébert, Marie-Pier, Beatrix E. Beisner, Roxane Maranger
2015 Ecology

3- Linking zooplankton communities to ecosystem functioning: toward an effect-trait framework
Hébert, Marie-Pier, Beatrix E. Beisner, Roxane Maranger
2016 Journal of Plankton Research

4- Quantifying change in pelagic plankton network stability and topology based on empirical long-term data
Gsell, Alena S., Deniz Özkundakci, Marie-Pier Hébert, Rita Adrian
2016 Ecological Indicators

5- A compilation of quantitative functional traits for marine and freshwater crustacean zooplankton
Hébert, Marie-Pier, Beatrix E. Beisner, Roxane Maranger
2016 Ecology

6- Towards evidence-based parameter values and priors for aquatic ecosystem modelling
Robson, Barbara J., George B. Arhonditsis, Mark E. Baird, Jerome Brebion, Kyle F. Edwards, Leonie Geoffroy, Marie-Pier Hébert, Virginie van Dongen-Vogels, Emlyn M. Jones, Carla Kruk, Mathieu Mongin, Yuko Shimoda, Jennifer H. Skerratt, Stacey M. Trevathan-Tackett, Karen Wild-Allen, Xiangzhen Kong, Andy Steven
2018 Environmental Modelling & Software