An award to support QCBS intensive course and the participation of QCBS students to these credited courses

The QCBS intensive course grant program provides funds to QCBS grad students who wish to attend intensive courses offered by QCBS members.

General rules

  • This award aims to improve the QCBS student access to credited intensive courses coordinated by QCBS members.
  • The intensive course coordinated by QCBS members must be registered in the QCBS intensive course database.
  • Students are limited to one award to attend an intensive course per academic year

Amounts of funding

The award amounts is aligned with non tuition fees requested to cover lodging and food expenses for the duration of the intensive course.

Eligibility requirements

For the course to be registered

  • Should be organized by a QCBS member on a regular basis;
  • Held in one of the QCBS partner universities;
  • The course program should have been accepted by the QCBS scientific committee;
  • Preference will be given to courses organized by more than one geopole.

For the student to apply to the intensive course award

  • Be an active and full time student in a QCBS partner university
  • Be supervised by a QCBS member
  • Be resident of Québec
  • Be registered in the QCBS student database
  • Be accepted for the course by the course coordinator.


QCBS coordinators of intensive courses can register their course twice a year as the scientific committee meets.

Students can send their application year round, at least 2 weeks before the course start.

Obligations associated with the award

  • Course coordinators should make their association with the QCBS visible on their course documents;
  • Award recipients should allow QCBS to post information about the intensive course on the QCBS website, in accordance with publication regulations and other policies;   

Award transfer

Award amounts are sent directly to the student’s supervisor. Students must produce a short financial report for the QCBS and are then reimbursed by their supervisor.

Any information request and questions regarding the application process should be directed to