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General information and project details

Applicant name
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Cover Letter - PDF Format
Project description- PDF Format
Principal Investigator for the project
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Other Investigators/Collaborators (QCBS members)
Other NON-QCBS Collaborators


Budget details: insert rows for each budget item

Item name Quantity Unitary cost Total cost Amount from other sources Amount requested to QCBS

Total amount requested
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General Budget Description

Description of Hub of Expertise

The PI must ensure that a full description of the Hub of Expertise is available on the QCBS website. For this reason, you are also asked to fill in the following fields. You may reuse information from your project description PDF:

Name of Hub of Expertise
Name of the HQP co-funded for the Hub of Expertise
Contact details of the HQP co-funded for the Hub of Expertise (email)

Please make sure your description includes the following elements:

  • Full description of the services offered by the Hub
  • List of tools, instruments and facilities available to QCBS students and members
  • Training offered to QCBS students and members (e.g. workshops, tutorials, courses)
  • Costs of using the tools, instruments and facilities, if applicable
Photo - JPG/PNG format (You may include photos illustrating some of the tools, instruments, or facilities)

Submit your application

If approved, information on the Hub of Expertise may be showcased on the QCBS website.

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