Patrick M.A. James

Adjunct Professor,
Université de Montréal

Département de sciences biologiques
Patrick M. A. James
Professeur Adjoint
Département de sciences biologiques
Université de Montréal
C.P. 6128, succursale Centre-ville
Montréal, QC H3C 3J7
Tel: +1 (514) 343-6864
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  • Bachelor of Science :Ecology and Evolution, 2002, Université de Toronto, Canada
  • Doctor of Philosophy: Forest Ecology, 2009, Université de Toronto, Canada
  • Post-doctoral training: Landscape Genetics, 2011, U. de l'Alberta

Research in our lab examines the role of spatial heterogeneity on spatial processes with particular emphasis on forest disturbance dynamics. Spatial heterogeneity generally refers to the composition and configuration of forest stands or regions that are composed of groups of trees of different ages or species. Forest disturbances such as fire, insect outbreaks, and logging (i.e., forest management) create distinct spatial patterns in forest ecosystems that either alone, or in combination, can have significant economic and ecological consequences. Within a landscape ecology framework and using tools such as spatial statistical analysis, simulation models, and landscape genetics, we investigate the role of spatial heterogeneity on broad-scale forest dynamics and their consequences for conservation.

BIO3811 - Modélisation écologique (Winter / Hiver)
BIO6720 - Seminar in Landscape Ecology (Winter / Hiver)


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