Yolande Dalpé

Adjunct Professor,
Agriculture et agroalimentaire Canada

Centre de recherches de l'Est sur les céréales et les oléagineux
960, Avenue Carling
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0C6
Tel: 613 759-1381
E-mail: yolande.dalpe@agr.gc.ca
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  • Fungi: Develop new information on taxonomy, phylogeny, distribution and biology of fungi, including systematic research related to biosecurity/alien invasive species as well as species involved in the development of bioproducts.

  • Build and maintain reference collections and databases of fungi: Glomeromycota in vitro Collection (GINCO); AAFC Vascular Plant Herbarium (DAO) and National Mycological Herbarium (DAOM). Support for Canadian Collection of Fungal Cultures (CCFC).

  • Development of phylogenomics capability, rapid detection and identification tools.

  • Accurate identification, information and related training for scientific research in taxonomy, fungi propagation and biodiversity protection.

  • QCBS students
    Previous students (since 2009)
    Debiane Djouher, Ph.D.
    (End: 2011)

    Other (co-)supervisor: Anissa Lounès, Université du Littoral Calais France
    Thesis title: Mécanismes impliqués dans la protection des plantes par les mycorhizes arbusculaires contre les stress oxydants par les hydrocarbures aromatiques polycycliques
    Aliou Faye, Ph.D.
    (Start: 2009, End: 2013)
    Other (co-)supervisor: D. Lesueur CIRAD Centre international de recherches agronomiques pour le développement Thailand
    Thesis title: Impact de la symbiose mycorhizienne sur la croissance du Mais: Zea mays L (Hybrid 513) et du Soja Glycine max L (SB19, cv. TGx 1740-2F) : potentialités de bio-inoculants mycorhiziens arbusculaires
    Sonia Labidi, Ph.D.
    (End: 2011)

    Other (co-)supervisor: Salah Rezgui Institut national agronomique de Tunisie (INAT)
    Thesis title: Biodiversité des Glomeromycetes en zones semi-arides
    Aiguo Liu, Ph.D.
    (Start: 2005, End: 2008)
    Thesis title: Impact des mycorhizes arbusculaires en bioremédiation des sols
    Yakelin Rodriguez, Ph.D.
    (Start: 2010, End: 2013)
    Other (co-)supervisor: Superviseur B.P. Delgado
    Thesis title: Caractérisation du taux d'infectivité et d'efficacité des interactions mycorhiziennes arbusculaires chez la tomate
    Grant Sinclair, M.Sc.
    (Start: 2011, End: 2013)
    Other (co-)supervisor: C. Charest, U Ottawa; S. Khanizadeh, Agriculture et agroalimentaire Canada
    Thesis title: Influence of colonization by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and a root endophyte on selected strawberry cultivars under salt conditions
    54- Ultra-low input transcriptomics reveal the spore functional content and phylogenetic affiliations of poorly studied arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
    Beaudet D., Chen E.C.H., Mathieu S., Yildirir G., Ndikumana S., Dalpé Y., Séguin S., Farinelli L., Stajich J.E., Corradi N.
    2018 DNA Research (Date Added: 2018-05-20)

    53- Effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on tolerance and growth of selected spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) lines under salinity stress
    Yu, J., Baninasab, B., Xu, S., Tabori M., Zhang, Y., Wang, X., DeSchiffart, I., Dalpé, Y., Stefani, F., Séguin, S., Ma, B., Xu, C., Khanizadeh, S.
    2017 Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment (Date Added: 2018-01-20)

    51- Soil and seasons affect arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi associated with Tamarix rhizosphere in arid and semi-arid steppes
    Bencherif K., Boutekrabt A., Dalpé Y., Lounès-Hadj Sahraoui A.
    2016 Applied Soil Ecology (Date Added: 2017-02-13)

    50-Comparison of total phenolic content and antioxidant capacity of mycorrhizal-colonized white, red and purple spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes
    Yi, D., Schwinghamer, T., Dalpé, Y., Abdel-Aal, E.-S., Singh, J., Wang, X., Khanizadeh, S.
    2016 Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment ( Date Added: 2016-06-20)

    49- Impact of soil salinity on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi biodiversity and microflora biomass associated with Tamarix articulataVahll rhizosphere in arid and semi-arid Algerian areas
    Bencherif, K., Boutekrabt, A., Fontaine, J., Laruelle, F., Dalpe, Y., Anissa, L.-H.S.
    2015 The Science of the Total Environment (Date Added: 2015-08-26)

    48- Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal inoculation protects Miscanthusxgiganteus against trace element toxicity in a highly metal-contaminated site
    Firmin, S., Labidi, S., Fontaine, J., Laruelle, F., Tisserant, B., Nsanganwimana, F., Pourrut, B., Dalpe, Y., Grandmougin, A., Douay, F., Shirali, P., Verdin, A., Lounes-Hadj Sahraoui, A.
    2015 The Science of the Total Environment (Date Added: 2015-06-03)

    47- Field application of mycorrhizal bio-inoculants affects the mineral uptake of a forage legume (Hedysarum coronarium L.) on a highly calcareous soil
    Labidi, S., Jeddi, F.B., Tisserant, B., Yousfi, M., Sanaa, M., Dalpe, Y., Sahraoui, A.L.-H.
    2015 Mycorrhiza (Date Added: 2015-05-25)

    46- Fly ash-aided phytostabilisation of highly trace element polluted topsoils improves the telluric fungal biomass: A long-term field experiment
    Labidi, Sonia, Fontaine, Joël, Laruelle, Frédéric, Tisserant, Benoit, Dalpé, Yolande, Grandmougin-Ferjani, Anne, Douay, Francis, Sahraoui, Anissa Lounès-Hadj
    2015 Applied Soil Ecology (Date Added: 2014-10-30)

    45- Effect of seasonal variation on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi associated with date palm
    Bouamri, R., Dalpé, Y., Serrhini, M. N.
    2014 Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture (Date Added: 2014-12-04)

    44- Influence of colonization by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on three strawberry cultivars under salty conditions
    Sinclair, G., Charest, C., Dalpé, Y., Khanizadeh, S.
    2014 Agricultural and Food Science (Date Added: 2014-08-05)

    43- Influence of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and a root endophyte on the biomass and root morphology of selected strawberry cultivars under salt conditions
    Sinclair, Grant, Charest, Christiane, Dalpé, Yolande, Khanizadeh, Shahrokh
    2013 Canadian Journal of Plant Science (Date Added: 2013-11-27)

    42- Extreme diversification of the mating type–high-mobility group (MATA-HMG) gene family in a plant-associated arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus
    Riley, Rohan, Charron, Philippe, Idnurm, Alexander, Farinelli, Laurent, Dalpé, Yolande, Martin, Francis, Corradi, Nicolas
    2013 New Phytologist (Date Added: 2013-09-04)

    41- Microwave-assisted technology for the clearing and staining of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in roots
    Dalpé, Yolande, Séguin, Sylvie Marie
    2013 Mycorrhiza (Date Added: 2013-01-30)

    40- L'univers des champignons : une approche encyclopédique
    Després, Jean, Blais, René, Cuerrier, Alain, Dalpé, Yolande, Desjardins, Richard, Després, Élaine, Després, Jean, Gévry, Marie-France, Hijri, Mohamed, Langlais, Guy, Le Gal, Gérald, McNeil, Raymond, Miron, Fernand, Rocray, Pierre-Émile, Roy-Bolduc, Alice
    2012 (Date Added: 2012-08-23)

    39- Glomus cubense sp. nov., an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus from Cuba
    Rodríguez, Y., Dalpé, Y., Séguin, S., Fernández, K., Fernández, F., Rivera, R.A.
    2012 Mycotaxon (Date Added: 2012-02-08)

    38- Spore development and nuclear inheritance in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
    Marleau, Julie, Dalpé, Yolande, St-Arnaud, Marc, Hijri, Mohamed
    2011 BMC Evolutionary Biology (Date Added: 2012-02-08)

    37- Influence of arbuscular mycorrhizae on biomass and root morphology of selected strawberry cultivars under salt stress
    Fan, Li, Dalpé, Yolande, Fang, Chengquan, Dubé, Claudine, Khanizadeh, Shahrokh
    2011 Botany/Bonique (Date Added: 2011-08-02)

    36- Errata: Phosphate Transporter Genes as Reliable Gene Markers for the Identification and Discrimination of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in the Genus Glomus
    Sokolski, S., Dalpe, Y., Piche, Y.
    2011 Applied and Environmental Microbiology (Date Added: 2011-05-24)

    35- Correction: Spore development and nuclear inheritance in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
    Marleau, Julie, Dalpé, Yolande, St-Arnaud, Marc, Hijri, Mohamed
    2011 BMC Evolutionary Biology (Date Added: 2011-05-24)

    34- Phosphate Transporter Genes as Reliable Gene Markers for the Identification and Discrimination of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in the Genus Glomus
    Sokolski, S., Dalpe, Y., Piche, Y.
    2010 Applied and Environmental Microbiology (Date Added: 2011-04-26)

    33- A "paper bridge" system to improve in-vitro propagation of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
    Dalpé, Y., Seguin, S.
    2010 Botany (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    32- Conspecificity of daom 197198, the model arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus, with Glomus irregulare: Molecular evidence with three protein encoding genes
    Sokolski, S., Dalpé, Y., Séguin, S., Khasa, D., Lévesque, C.A., Piché, Y.
    2010 Botany (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    31- Reduction in soil polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by arbuscular mycorrhizal leek plants
    Liu, A., Dalpé, Y.
    2009 International Journal of Phytoremediation (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    30- Glomus custos sp. nov., isolated from a naturally heavy metal-polluted environment in southern Spain
    Cano, C., Bago, A., Dalpé, Y.
    2009 Mycotaxon (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    29- Différenciation in situ des sporocarpes de Stemonitis axifera (Bull.) Macbr
    Dalpe, Yolande, Corbeil, Michel, Corbeil, Christiane
    2008 Cryptogamie. Mycologie (Date Added: 2012-02-08)

    28- Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi species associated with rhizosphere of Phoenix dactylifera L. in Morocco
    Bouamri, R., Dalpé, Y., Serrhini, M.N., Bennani, A.
    2006 African Journal of Biotechnology (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    27- Mycorrhizae: A potential tool for plant protection but not a panacea
    Dalpé, Y.
    2005 Phytoprotection (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    26- ICOM4 special issue of the Canadian Journal of Botany
    Dalpé, Y., Fortin, J.A., Hamel, C.
    2004 Canadian Journal of Botany (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    25- Mycorrhizal fungi biodiversity in Canadian soils
    Dalpé, Y.
    2003 Canadian Journal of Soil Science (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    24- In situ turfgrass establishment: I. Responses to arbuscular mycorrhizae and fertilization
    Podeszfinski, C., Dalpé, Y., Charest, C.
    2002 Journal of Sustainable Agriculture (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    23- Glomus kerguelense sp. nov., a new Glomales species from sub-Antarctic
    Dalpé, Y., Plenchette, C., Frenot, Y., Gloaguen, J.C., Strullu, D.G.
    2002 Mycotaxon (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    22- Phosphorus-32 absorption and translocation to host plants by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi at low root-zone temperature
    Wang, B., Funakoshi, D.M., Dalpé, Y., Hamel, C.
    2002 Mycorrhiza (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    21- Development of Acaulospora rehmii spore and hyphal swellings under root-organ culture
    Dalpé, Y., Declerck, S.
    2002 Mycologia (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    20- Copper release from chemical root-control baskets in hardwood tree production
    Kosuta, S., Hamel, C., Dalpé, Y., St-Arnaud, M.
    2002 Journal of Environmental Quality (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    19- Arbuscular mycorrhiza on root-organ cultures
    Fortin, J.A., Bécard, G., Declerck, S., Dalpé, Y., St-Arnaud, M., Coughlan, A.P., Piché, Y.
    2002 Canadian Journal of Botany (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    18- GINCO
    Declerck, S., Dalpé, Y.
    2001 Mycorrhiza (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    17- Glomus proliferum sp. nov.: A description based on morphological, biochemical, molecular and monoxenic cultivation data
    Declerck, S., Cranenbrouck, S., Dalpé, Y., Séguin, S., Grandmougin-Ferjani, A., Fontaine, J., Sancholle, M.
    2000 Mycologia (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    16- Soil pH-induced changes in root colonization, diversity, and reproduction of symbiotic arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi from healthy and declining maple forests
    Coughlan, A.P., Dalpe, Y., Lapointe, L., Piche, Y.
    2000 Canadian Journal of Forest Research (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    15- Glomales species associated with surface and deep rhizosphere of Faidherbia albida in Senegal
    Dalpé, Y., Diop, T.A., Plenchette, C., Gueye, M.
    2000 Mycorrhiza (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    14- Sterol distribution in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
    Grandmougin-Ferjani, A., Dalpé, Y., Hartmann, M.-A., Laruelle, F., Sancholle, M.
    1999 Phytochemistry (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    13- Effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization of four species of Glomus on physiological responses of maize
    Boucher, A., Dalpé, Y., Charest, C.
    1999 Journal of Plant Nutrition (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    12- Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi associated with Festuca species in the Canadian High Arctic
    Dalpé, Y., Aiken, S.G.
    1998 Canadian Journal of Botany (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    11- The impact of arbuscular mycorrhizae and phosphorus status on growth of two turfgrass species
    Charest, C., Clark, G., Dalpe, Y.
    1997 Journal of Turfgrass Management (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    9- Endomycorrhizae in a newly cultivated acidic meadow: Effects of three years of barley cropping, tillage, lime, and phosphorus on root colonization and soil infectivity
    Hamel, C., Dalpé, Y., Lapierre, C., Simard, R.R., Smith, D.L.
    1996 Biology and Fertility of Soils (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    8- The combined effect of arbuscular mycorrhizas and short-term cold exposure on wheat
    Paradis, R., Dalpe, Y., Charest, C.
    1995 New Phytologist (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    7- Effects of simazine on the mycorrhizal population in soil beneath an apple tree canopy
    Granger, R.L., Khanizadeh, S., Meheriuk, M., Berard, L.S., Dalpe, Y.
    1995 Journal of Tree Fruit Production (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

    6- Composition of the vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi population in an old meadow as affected by pH, phosphorus and soil disturbance
    Hamel, C., Dalpe, Y., Lapierre, C., Simard, R.R., Smith, D.L.
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    5- The effect of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizae and chilling on 2 hybrids of Zea mays L.
    Charest, C., Dalpe, Y., Brown, A.
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    4- Endomycorrhizal status of Oidiodendron
    Dalpe, Y.
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    2- Ericoid mycorrhizal fungi in the Myxotrichaceae and Gymnoascaceae
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    1- Relative abundance and diversity of Endogonaceae in the soil of a Quebec apple orchard
    Dalpe, Y., Granger, R.L., Furlan, V.
    1986 Canadian Journal of Botany (Date Added: 2011-04-20)

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