Scientific Communication Workshop Written

How to write a scientific manuscript and get it published?

Your analyses are done, your results agree your initial hypotheses (or not!) and you are ready to start writing it up and publish it in a scientific journal ? This workshop is design to young scientists (MSc and PhD students) who want to increase their writing skills and better structure their research. Different aspects of writing communication will be addressed during the workshop :

  • How is Science publishing done 
  • How to prepare a good/efficient draft – the key steps
  • How to present your data effectively
  • How to get your co-authors involved
  • Find the relevant journal to publish your research
  • Understand the peer-review process
  • How to make your results interesting to a broad audience

For the writing communication workshop, you can bring a draft of a manuscript you are working on, and we will try to discuss altogether the better strategy for publication.

Next workshops

Writing communication: Friday November 16th  2017 – 13h00 to 17h00 – Pavillon Marie Victorin (here), room E-226 – Montréal 



Next workshops will be given in French. QCBS members can attend this workshop for free after registering (see below). Non-QCBS members can attend this workshop, but will be charged a registration fee (50$ for students or 100$ for others). Payment needs to be made before the workshop. For more information, please contact Sebastien Renaut. To register, please fill the form below. By registering, you confirm that you will attend the workshop. If you registered but can’t attend, please warn the lecturer as soon as possible.