International course on Functional Traits – 2016

Species traits: A functional approach to biodiversity, organisms in the ecosystem


May 30 to June 3, 2016


University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic


In 2016, we are presenting the 6th edition of the graduate thematic course, this year sponsored principally by three research centres : the Centre for Forest Research, the Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science, and the Hydro-Quebec Institute in Environment, Development and Society, based at Université Laval and by the Institute of Botany, and the Faculty of Sciences, at the University of South Bohemia (host Francesco de Bello).

The course is offered for credit for MSc and PhD students: Sujets spéciaux en écologie fonctionnelle FOR – 7034 (3 credits, summer course at Université Laval) and students from other universities in Quebec can register through the system of exchange of credits among Quebec universities  (CRÉPUQ) . Those students registered for credit will have the price of the course reduced by half.

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Note: QCBS students can apply for an Intensive Course Award to cover the non-tuition fees of this course.


  • Francesco de Bello
  • Éric Garnier
  • Jitka Klimesova
  • Jan Lepps
  • Alison Munson
  • Juan Posada
  • Bill Shipley

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Application results: Announced within 2 weeks of application

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Contact: (Course coordinator) (CEF-Laval coordinator)