Plenary talks

Le Protocole de Nagoya sur l'accès et le partage des avantages; from QCBS-CSBQ on Vimeo.

The Strategic Plan for Biodiversity and the Aichi Biodiversity Targets from QCBS-CSBQ on Vimeo.

Panelists’ presentations

Building northern Quebec’s protected areas network

Initiatives for biodiversity data integration and access

Le réseautage de bases de données comme outil facilitant la recherche : deux initiatives du Service Canadien des Forêts from QCBS-CSBQ on Vimeo.

Canadensys: Mobiliser les données de la biodiversité à travers tout le Canada from QCBS-CSBQ on Vimeo.

Développer des outils pour la découverte et le partage de données sur la biodiversité au Québec from QCBS-CSBQ on Vimeo.

Atlas de la biodiversité du Québec nordique from QCBS-CSBQ on Vimeo.

The future of biodiversity in urban areas: from greenbelts to ecological networks

The São Paulo Greenbelt Biosphere Reserve from QCBS-CSBQ on Vimeo.

Recognizing the true value of Ontario’s Greenbelt from QCBS-CSBQ on Vimeo.

Une Ceinture et trame verte pour Montréal: Un projet grandeur nature from QCBS-CSBQ on Vimeo.

Urban landscapes for biodiversity and ecosystem services from QCBS-CSBQ on Vimeo.

Research presentations

Albert, Arnaud: Les graines sont les principaux vecteurs de propagation du roseau commun exotique (Phragmites australis)

Arias, Carlos F.: Sharp genetic discontinuity across a unimodal Heliconius hybrid zone

Babineau, Marielle: Évolution de la biodiversité végétale malgache durant le Tertiaire: systematique et biogéographie de légumineuses menacées d’extinction

Bachand, Marianne: Réponses fonctionnelles des communautés animales et végétales aux hautes densités de cerfs de Virginie : l’île d’Anticosti comme laboratoire pour utiliser les traits de trois niveaux trophiques

Barbhuiya, Atiqur R.: Genetic structure and diversity of Citrus medica in natural and domesticated populations in the Eastern Himalayan region of Northeast India

Bari, Abdallah: Biodiversity assessment using the FIGS approach for important agronomic/functional traits

Body, Guillaume: L’apport de la technologie GPS au suivi de la dynamique de fusion-fission des groupes : exemple du rut du renne Rangifer tarandus

Bonnell, Tyler: Measuring spatial-temporal home range use in animal-movement data using the Beta-Binomial distribution

Bradie, Johanna: Using import records to estimate the probability of aquarium fish establishment

Brammer, Jeremy: Exploring local responses to community-based environmental monitoring in northern regions using GPS-equipped handheld devices with a touch screen CyberTracker interface

Byun, Chaeho: The role of functional diversity in invasion resistance of resident plant communities: a large field experiment with common reed

Cameron, Chris: Hemichordate biominerals and the evolution of deuterostome skeletons

Chivers, Corey: Comparing models of human mediated dispersal of freshwater invasives

Courchesne, Geneviève: Déterminants de la végétation des milieux humides aménagés pour la sauvagine dans le Québec méridional

da Silva, Renato Henriques: Linking phylogenetic and niche community states: emergent patterns of community assembly and structure

Edwards, Paul K.: Back-calculation of source populations from recruitment patterns: application for early detection of AIS

Fortin St-Gelais, Nicolas: A new approach to understanding the regulation of zooplankton community structure

Fugère, Vincent: Tester l’Hypothèse du Gradient de Stress avec des détritivores aquatiques: Implications pour les relations biodiversité-fonctionnement de l’écosystème

García, Magdalena: Protected area strategies and indigenous peoples: Exploring dimensions of governance in Chile

Gauthier, Joanna: Effects of deepened thermocline on zooplankton community dynamics

Gendreau, Yanick: La vulnérabilité des espèces aux changements climatiques au Québec

Gomez-Garcia, Paola: Assessing habitat availability and connectivity for the jaguar Panthera onca, in the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico

Gotanda, Kiyoko M.: Spatiotemporal variation in guppy colour: exploring a mosaic of adaptation

Granados, Monica: Dissecting intraguild predation: The relative contribution of predation and competition to the maintenance of intraguild prey

Hillel, Oliver: Beginning a dialogue: How can biodiversity education be incorporated into curricula?

Jacob, Aerin L.: How many monkeys does this forest feed? Long-term patterns in forests recovering from different land uses, Kibale National Park, Uganda

Jacobson, Bailey: The effects of density, habitat properties, and traits on habitat selection

Jaeger, Jochen: How does the road-density extinction threshold depend on the configuration of the road network and on the road avoidance behavior of the species?

Kettenbeil, Peter Scott: Formidable obstacles to protecting biodiversity

Lachapelle, Josianne: The role of diversity and sex during evolutionary rescue

Layton-Cartier, Geneviève: Governance and marine protected areas in Québec

Lessard, Andréanne: Les déterminants du succès reproducteur des mâles Hirondelle bicolore

Liss, Kate: Influence of landscape structure on ecosystem service provision

Luque, Javier: Diversity of frog crabs throughout geologic time: the dawn and dusk of body plan

Maguire, Dorothy: Ecosystem service provision and landscape composition: insect herbivory in fragmented forests

Marleau, Justin: The effects of nutrient co-limitation and stoichiometric imbalances on ecosystem dynamics

Mikkelson, Gregory M.: Why does species evenness cause under-yielding?

Mitchell, Matthew: Effects of forest patch size and isolation on ecosystem service provision and biodiversity in an agricultural landscape

Moisan-De Serres, Joseph: Effet de bordure et spécificité des pollinisateurs indigènes dans la culture du bleuet nain

Nyboer, Elizabeth: Movement, home range and vulnerability in the commercially fished Nile perch (Lates niloticus) in Lake Nabugabo, Uganda

Osmond, Matthew: Hurry up and adapt before you go extinct

Pachkowski, Melanie: Spring loaded reproduction: effects of body condition and population size on gestation rate in migratory caribou

Pedruski, Michael: Dynamics in competitive metacommunities: Fitness inequality and niche differentiation

Porlier, Mélody: Variation des patrons de plasticité phénotypique et de sélection sur la date de ponte entre populations de mésanges bleues

Reid, Andrea: Predicting peak refugia for mitigating impacts of invasive predatory fish

Robert, Karine:  Gardons le contact : comparaison des indices de chevauchement des domaines vitaux pour l’évaluation du taux de contacts intraspécifique chez le Raton laveur

Rogic, Anita: Genetic structure of white-footed mouse populations from sky-islands in southern Québec: impact of climate warming and fragmentation on the spread of Lyme Disease

Roy-Dufresne, Emilie: Projected distribution of the white-footed mouse with climate change: a question of time and space

Sapijanskas, Jurgis: Shedding light on nutritional interactions: litter production by neighbours contributes to overyielding in a tropical tree plantation

Sharpe, Diana: Niche expansion in a surviving endemic fish following invasion of a top predator?

Singha, Lal Bihari: Molecular systematics of Bamboo species in the Eastern Himalayan region of Northeast India

Taillon, Joëlle: Shifting targets in the tundra: are calving grounds of migratory caribou really protected in Northern Québec?

Thompson, Patrick: Zooplankton biodiversity in the ponds of Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec and the search for spatial insurance in changing environments

Thomson, Ashley M.: Patterns of genetic structure and diversity in eastern North American Betula species based on chloroplast and nuclear DNA markers: Influence of glacial history and introgression

Velghe, Katherine: Size does matter: Organisms of most similar size show congruent diversity patterns

Wong, Edward: Using localized interaction framework to measure and model ecosystem dynamics

Posters presented

André, Marie-Eve: Impact of landscape structure on the foraging behavior of the King Vulture

Asgary, Adrienne: Testing the City Biodiversity Index (CBI): How to measure connectivity?

Bamforth, Emily L.: Cycling of Vertebrate Alpha Diversity Preceding the Cretaceous Mass Extinction (65 Ma): Evidence from the Latest Cretaceous of Central Canada

Bein, A.M.: Enhanced and constant productivity in impoverished and fluctuating environments

Bergeron, Alexandre: Pteridophyte diversity in urban forests

Choudhury, Baharul: Genetic structure and diversity of traditionally cultivated rice (Oryza sativa) varieties in Northeast India

Cimon-Morin, Jérôme: Development of a Wetlands Conservation Network Approach Based on Ecosystem Services Maintenance

Clark, Courtenay M. From ‘Ocean-bottom’ to ‘Mountain-top’: Inuit Landscape Ethnoecology in the Eastern Canadian Arctic

Daigle, Theodore: Genetic Variance in White-Footed Mice Populations Through Spatial and Temporal Scales

D’Astous, A., M.: Using functional diversity as an indicator of restoration success of cut-over bog

Duclos, Vanessa: Seedlings growth and survival under dense Acanthus pubescens cover in Kibale National Park, Uganda

Dufour-Tremblay, Geneviève: Le mélèze laricin : à l’assaut des montagnes des environs de Kangiqsualujjuaq

Engelhardt, S.C.: Suckling and allosuckling in reindeer, Rangifer tarandus

Fiset, Jessica: Phylogeography of the white-footed mouse, Peromyscus leucopus, and the spread of Lyme disease

Gagnon-Lupien, Noémie: Impact of the invasive Phragmites australis on birds of freshwater marshes of Eastern Canada

Hébert, Issac: The distribution of woodland caribou and moose in relation to forestry operations in Newfoundland’s ‘wolfless’ boreal forest

Larivière, Élise: Diversification de bandes riveraines agricoles à l’aide d’espèces arbustives indigenes

Lauron-Moreau, Aurélien: Molecular phylogeny of Salix (Salicaceae) in order to characterize the origin of native S. eriocephala : a new perspective for biomass production

Les Amis de Meadowbrook: La vision commune de la ceinture verte et bleue du Grand Montréal – The Common Vision for a Green and Blue Belt of Greater Montreal

Leung, Christelle: How many stocks could there be? Spatial organisation of the Yellow perch (Perca flavescens) in Lake St. Pierre

Lima, Rodrigo: Morphological variation of the red-backed vole (Myodes gapperi) in Québec

Low-Décarie, Etienne: Adaptation of microalgae to nutrient fertilization

Marrotte, R.R.: The effect of landscape structure and fragmentation on the distribution of the White-footed mouse (Peromyscus leucopus) in Montérégie, Québec

Mimouni, El-Amine: Biodiversity and structure of cladoceran community in urban ponds

Partington, Kevin: What can we learn from using landscape pattern metrics over large areas? Lessons from Mapping Representative Landscapes of Québec

Plante, Sabrina: Foraging strategy of black howler monkeys: how preferences and spatial knowledge of resources influence movements

Robillard, Audrey: Landscape-mediated competition between Tree swallows and House sparrows in farmscapes

Saucier, Frédérique: Système d’aide à la décision pour intégrer la persistance de la biodiversité à long terme et la représentativité dans le design des réseaux de conservation

Suter, Daniel: Lyme disease and the white-footed mouse in Québec