Samuel Collin-Latour

McGill University
B.Sc. candidate

Supervisor: Christopher Buddle
Start: 2017-09-01


The Biodiversity of Ants (Formicidae) Across Forest Management Treatments in a Southern Laurentian Forest
I aim to investigate the effects of forest management treatments and habitat templets on the biodiversity of ants in the Southern Laurentians forests. The forest management treatments are recent cuts, old cuts and never cut forest; as well as strip and selective cut. The habitat templets are the ground leaf litter, the saplings and the overstorey or canopy. I aim to determine if and how the forest management treatments; habitat templets; and their combination affect the parameters of ant biodiversity (ant abundance, species abundance, species diversity and species evenness) and their natural history. I aim to discover if and how the species composition of ant communities differs according to these variables.