Valérie Poulin

Université de Montréal
M.Sc. candidate

Supervisor: Simon Joly
Start: 2017-09-05


The search for genes that determine the shape of flowers in Gesneriaceae.
My project aims to identify genes that are involved in changes in the form of flowers between Rhytidophyllum rupincola and Rhytidophyllum auriculatium (Gesnieriaceae), which are pollinated by different animals. To do this, I will first amplify candidate genes that have already been identified as being involved in the floral form according to bioinformatic analyses. I will then be able to determine the genotype for several individuals in a hybrid population (F2) and then statistically test whether these genes are actually associated with changes in flower shape through quantitative genetic analyses.


flower shape, genetics, floral development, gesneriaceae, pollination syndrome, molecular biology