Raphaël Lavoie

Université du Québec à Rimouski
Postdoctoral fellow candidate

Supervisor: Nicolas Lecomte
Start: 2015-02-10
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Global biodiversity index and bioacoustic surveys


1- Tracking Overwintering Areas of Fish-Eating Birds to Identify Mercury Exposure
Lavoie, Raphael A., T. Kurt Kyser, Vicki L. Friesen, Linda M. Campbell
2015 Environmental Science & Technology

2- Contamination of Mercury during the Wintering Period Influences Concentrations at Breeding Sites in Two Migratory Piscivorous Birds
Lavoie, Raphael A., Christopher J. Baird, Laura E. King, T. Kurt Kyser, Vicki L. Friesen, Linda M. Campbell
2014 Environmental Science & Technology

3- Temporal trends of mercury, organochlorines and PCBs in northern gannet (Morus bassanus) eggs from Bonaventure Island, Gulf of St. Lawrence, 1969–2009
Champoux, Louise, Jean-François Rail, Raphael A. Lavoie, Keith A. Hobson
2015 Environmental Pollution

4- Biomagnification of Mercury in Aquatic Food Webs: A Worldwide Meta-Analysis
Lavoie, Raphael A., Timothy D. Jardine, Matthew M. Chumchal, Karen A. Kidd, Linda M. Campbell
2013 Environmental Science & Technology

5- A positive correlation between mercury and oxidative stress-related gene expression (GPX3 and GSTM3) is measured in female Double-crested Cormorant blood
Gibson, Laura A., Raphael A. Lavoie, Sonja Bissegger, Linda M. Campbell, Valerie S. Langlois
2014 Ecotoxicology

6- Evidence for genetic differentiation among Caspian tern (Hydroprogne caspia) populations in North America
Boutilier, Scott T., Scott A. Taylor, James A. Morris-Pocock, Raphaël A. Lavoie, Vicki L. Friesen
2013 Conservation Genetics

7- Migration patterns affect biomagnifying contaminant concentrations in fish-eating birds
Lavoie, Raphael A, T Kurt Kyser, Linda M Campbell
2012 Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management

8- Organochlorines, brominated flame retardants and mercury levels in six seabird species from the Gulf of St. Lawrence (Canada): Relationships with feeding ecology, migration and molt
Lavoie, Raphael A., Louise Champoux, Jean-François Rail, David R.S. Lean
2010 Environmental Pollution

9- Trophic structure and mercury distribution in a Gulf of St. Lawrence (Canada) food web using stable isotope analysis
Lavoie, Raphael A., Craig E. Hebert, Jean-François Rail, Birgit M. Braune, Emmanuel Yumvihoze, Laura G. Hill, David R.S. Lean
2010 Science of The Total Environment

10- Diet Composition of Seabirds from Corossol Island, Canada, Using Direct Dietary and Stable Isotope Analyses
Lavoie, Raphael A., Jean-François Rail, David R. S. Lean
2012 Waterbirds